Simplest ways of posting on Multiple Facebook Groups at Once


To start posting on Facebook groups one by one is not easy but most of us just have to do it because we have no other choice but here is a good news for you, you can now publish multiple posts to Facebook groups without much stress.

Like some business men and women trying to sell off their product or goods on facebook, this is the best way to do that and also for bloggers that will want to promote his/her site or boost their post, this is also the best way for you but I my advice to the blogger is that before they post their site link on facebook, they should ensure that the link or account is not spammy because if it is, facebook will shut your account  and also, try not to share more than five links on facebook group per day to ensure smooth running of your facebook account.

Note that with this methods I will be showing you now, you have to schedule your post so you’re not over-posting.

How to post to Multiple Facebook group at once

These are the two tools that will be helping you in this aspect:

Using PostCron
PostCron is one the  greatest  scheduling tool, but it also abides by Facebook’s rules. If you’re an admin of the group you want to post to, you can post on a regular basis using PostCron. For other groups, How to start scheduling your post using Postcron

>>First of all, create an account on PostCron

>> After creating that, log in to your postcron dashboard 

>> Click On “My Account” menu

>>Click “Social Media Accounts”, you see at the top.

>>You will see all the facebook groups you are managing, select the ones you want to use, if you have already added it before, it will display on your screen

>>Compose your post

>> When you have finished composing your post, it’s time to publish it. To do so, you have several options: First, you can share it immediately by clicking the drop-down menu next to the “Schedule” button, and click the “Post Now” option.

You can also schedule your post to be published within days, weeks, or months, from now at any specific time you decide on. To do this, click on the “Schedule” button then pick the day and time you want it to be posted and click “Done“. That’s all…

>>Using Hootsuite
Hootsuite is sweet to use LOLxxx, I really enjoy using it and I can’t afford  loosing my hottsuite account, well, hootsuite maximum schedule is 24 hours so you have to be careful when using hootsuite … How to start scheduling your post using Hootsuite

>>After creating an account, Login to your  Hootsuite dashboard

>> Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu.

>>Click Add a Social Network in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard.

>>To add the group to an organization, click Manage beside the organization name, and then click Add a Social Network in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.

>>Select Facebook from the list, and then click Connect with Facebook.

>>Enter your Facebook login details (email and password), and then clickLog in.

>>You will be prompted to Continue as your Facebook profile. Click Okay! This does not add your profile to Hootsuite, but authorizes the dashboard to access any Pages or groups associated with it.

>>Click OK in the bottom-right corner for all three permission prompts. This gives Hootsuite access to your profile, and group(s), and enables the ability to post to them. 

Don’t worry, you haven’t imported anything yet!

Check the box beside the group(s) or profile you want to add to your dashboard, and then click Add Selected Accounts.

Then start posting on your hootsuite and get the feedback on the facebook groups you have selected.

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