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Get BIG Discounts on Phones this week on Jumia NG

This week is Mobile Week on Jumia and the online shopping site will be crashing the prices of mobile devices for the whole of this week. If you have been thinking of buying a new phone but the price has been inconvenient, here's the time to take action!

Xiaomi MI 6 Full Specs, photos and Price

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is indeed one of the best phones the phone company has produced so far. The phone comes in very flashy designs and carries a lot of features that you wouldn't expect to have in a single phone like Xiaomi.

Escaping The Smartphone Cycle Of Planned Obsolescence

If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. But planned obsolescence plays a huge role in modern consumerist culture. This means creating products that are designed to expire or become irrelevant within a certain amount of time.

How to Spy Whatsapp Account of a cheating Partner for Free

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating and would like to monitor the person's Whatsapp account remotely from your own phone? This article will guide you on how to spy the whatsapp message of anyone without the person being aware of your actions.