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Get BIG Discounts on Gadgets for Next 10 Days on has just launched the biggest Gadgets sales event of the year, prices are extremely low and we believe this should be great.

How To Get Eco Friendly With Your Technology

As a general rule, ‘eco friendly’ and ‘technology’ often don’t belong in the same sentence. If you’re interested in one then you often don’t focus much on the other - but the truth is that it’s much easier to make sure that your technology and your eco credentials go hand in hand at your business than you might think. Here are some tips to show you how...

Find The Future: How Can Technology Improve Your Industry?

If you haven’t yet joined the technology revolution of the twenty first century, now is the time to discard your typewriter and pick up a macbook instead - and to consider all the other ways that technology can improve the industry that you’re in. Here are some hints and tips to inspire you to bring more tech into your everyday working life…

Faraday Future's Upcoming Electric Super Car: See Video

Faraday Future may collapse , but that does not mean that the company can not produce a good video - and possibly build an attractive car.

Russian Blogger was sentenced for playing Mobile Game in Church

If you are in Russia, do not play Pokémon Go in a church. Even if this bloody Mewtwo is hiding there. You might end up in jail.