Find The Future: How Can Technology Improve Your Industry?

If you haven’t yet joined the technology revolution of the twenty first century, now is the time to discard your typewriter and pick up a macbook instead - and to consider all the other ways that technology can improve the industry that you’re in. Here are some hints and tips to inspire you to bring more tech into your everyday working life…

If you’re a teacher then chances are, you’ll already know that bringing technology into the classroom is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make your students love learning. Young people tend to have a better grasp on technology than older people - there’s something about their ease of use that other people don’t quite have, which means that you need to practise until it’s intuitive to you. 

But interactive whiteboards, for example, will enable you to project your laptop screen onto the board for your whole class to see - and interactive pens will mean that you can even write on it, meaning that math teachers can get their students to solve problems and English teachers can get their kids to annotate poems. Technology will help to bring your classroom into the modern age.

Find The Future: How Can Technology Improve Your Industry?
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Health and Safety
If you’re working in any industry in which safety is of the utmost importance, then technology can absolutely help you out and enable you to ensure that your employees - and therefore your business - are safe at all times. 

Check out machinery that can help you do this. For instance, the company Martek Marine provides machines like the iECDIS which can help out with electronic chart displays, meaning in turn that the crew of a ship can be kept in safe conditions and provided with all the information that they might need. 
Find The Future: How Can Technology Improve Your Industry?
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One of the best things about technology is that it gives us brand new and improved ways to reach people. Through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter we can see what people are really interested in - and we can curate our own social media feeds which will chime with the way that people are using them to communicate. 

Developing a good company voice online is one of the best ways to reach people via social media as it helps to put a human spin on what can feel like a faceless corporation. You can use the internet and technology to reach people easily and, in turn, to feel more reachable yourselves when people want to get in touch.

Find The Future: How Can Technology Improve Your Industry?
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Finally, technology has revolutionised the way that journalism works. Although that isn’t always a good thing - the British enquiries into newspapers using phone compromising techniques to get leads demonstrate that - it also means that ‘normal’ people are much more able to get their voices out there on alternative and non-traditional news sites. 

Digital news means that more writers get a chance for their voices to be heard, meaning that the industry is opening up and becoming more diverse and less white and middle class, which can only be an advantage.