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How To Get Eco Friendly With Your Technology

As a general rule, ‘eco friendly’ and ‘technology’ often don’t belong in the same sentence. If you’re interested in one then you often don’t focus much on the other - but the truth is that it’s much easier to make sure that your technology and your eco credentials go hand in hand at your business than you might think. Here are some tips to show you how...

Consider Your Power Sources
First of all, it’s time to start considering what sources you get your power from. No matter what sort of company you’re running, you can always manage to look around and make some eco friendly changes, whether that’s installing solar panels on the roof of your building or looking into using wind energy. 

The best sort of power sources will always be the renewable ones - we all know that fossil fuels are gradually running out and in order to make the world a healthier place we need to look to the future when it comes to energy sources.

How To Get Eco Friendly With Your Technology
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Make Your Office More Planet Friendly
Take a good look around the office in which you work and start thinking about what changes you could make to ensure that it’s more energy efficient. First of all, remove your old light bulbs and use LED ones instead. Not only do they use less power but they also last for longer, meaning that they’re good for your bank balance as well as Mother Nature. 

You could also make sure that all the tech in your office like computers, phones and tablets are turned down to the eco friendly settings so that they don’t use up too much energy. 

If you’re getting rid of technology, don’t just add it to landfills - wipe any data off it and see if it can be donated to anyone who might need it like a charity. Finally, remember that you can always open the windows and curtains to make sure that the sun warms up your office - solar power is renewable, after all! 

How To Get Eco Friendly With Your Technology
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Get Rid Of Waste
Getting rid of waste is something that should be one of your priorities if you want to make sure that your business is starting to get more planet friendly. Going completely paperless might be an option for you, but if it isn’t then you can definitely cut down on paper usage in your office - and making sure that what paper you use gets recycled when it’s finished with. 

This will also mean that you don’t need as much storage, meaning that you can cut down on office space. You could also start to consider new contactless technology at companies like NFC direct which will also help you to cut down on paper usage, particularly at events and conferences.

How To Get Eco Friendly With Your Technology
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Smaller Is Better
Finally, it’s time to remember that bigger is not necessarily always better. A smaller office will be more environmentally friendly to heat and to air condition in the summer, and smaller computers like laptops instead of desk tops use up a lot less energy. 

Remember that bamboo products are also much better for the environment than plastic.

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