Microsoft acquires AI company to improve Windows Defender

Microsoft is further strengthening its defense against cyber attacks with the announcement that it has acquired an innovative Israeli security start-up.

Hexadite specializes in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help detect and protect against attacks by providing automated incidents investigations and company remediation capabilities.

The software giant said the acquisition of Hexadite help increase the capabilities of the advanced Windows Defender protection threat (WDATP), which allows Windows 10 clients to detect and better respond to threats and sophisticated attacks on their networks.

Microsoft acquires AI company to improve Windows Defender

Microsoft said: "With Hexadite, WDATP will include endpoint security automated remediation, while continuing the incredible growth in activations of WDATP, which now protects almost 2 million devices"

Although Microsoft did not disclose any of the terms of the acquisition, TechCrunch reports that the transfer allegedly cost the company approximately $ 100 million (about £ 80 million, AU $ 135 million).

Microsoft to intensify efforts on the Security

Of course, in its press release, Microsoft has not missed the opportunity to remind us that Windows 10 is the safest version of its desktop operating system ever and that the company intends to Make ongoing investments in terms of automatic threat detection.

Thus, we can certainly expect more acquisitions in the security front with regard to AI power detection.

Recently we saw that Windows 10 was immune to the ravages of the WannaCry rescue program in a clear historical security level of the operating system. Although users should never be too complacent because the white hat pirates have already shown this feat WannaCry can be adapted to be able to affect Windows 10 (versions or at least of it earlier).