MacOS High Sierra: All the Features to expect


Do not wait anymore, the new macOS is finally here. Apple unveiled the latest version of its Mac Operating System at the June 5 WWDC in San Jose, California, all the updates to be excited about have been revealed in this article.

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, told the crowd of developers gathered that the new MacOS was the "completely cooked" High Sierra.

MacOS High Sierra

He has continued to respond to all the new updates and improvements that come with High Sierra, starting with the Safari browser. 

What to expect in the Safari Browser

The big news is that it will now complete the automatic blocking. This means that the native High Sierra browser will prevent the videos from playing as soon as you open a new web page.

Federighi also addressed the privacy concerns, saying that "Smart Tracking Prevention" will come standard in the latest version of Safari. He said it was not an ad blocker that Google was considering adding to its Crome browser, but rather to increase the privacy of users when they browse the Web.

The Mail gets better

Mail also received updates, with Federighi noting that the search in Mail currently uses Spotlight. In addition, there is now an option for the full-screen shared view in Mail. Oh, and Federighi also happily explain that "Mail will use 35% less disk space to store your mail".

Taking Photos has gotten smarter

The photos also have a great update, with the addition of neural networks capable of identifying and recognizing the faces of friends and family in your photos, which will then be synchronized on your devices. There are also many new editing tools inside the photos, and third parties offer printing services for photo books directly from the photos.

In a nod to players in the audience, Federighi announced that both Steam VR is coming to the Mac and that Unity and Unreal bring their engines to High Sierra.

Other features to look out for

Apple Files System comes to High Sierra as the new default file management system, which, hopefully, will make this troublesome task of managing your files a little easier. In particular, AFS has integrated accident protection and native encryption.

High Sierra exceeds the current H.264 video compression standard to a new H.265 standard. H.265 supports 4K and would have a 40% higher compression at 264. This is a huge win for people with racks of video storage on their hard drives.

Federighi dropped a new version of Metal, known as Metal 2, noting that "Metal is not only a graphic, we also use it for machine learning." Metal 2 can now be used for external graphics as well as for virtual reality.

MacOS High Sierra is available today in the form of a beta developer, with a public beta to be held later this month. It will be available to everyone after this fall.