Protecting Your Smartphone From Damage


We’ve all been there: dropping our smartphone and nervously picking it up to check whether we’ve managed to do it significant damage, only to see that it is clearly beyond repair. 

No matter how careful you are with your belongings, accidents are bound to happen from time to time. But they don’t all have to result in you being phoneless for an extended period, having to wait until you get home to contact your friends, family, and colleagues from your laptop or desktop device. While all accidents themselves may not be preventable, totaling your phone is. Here are a few ways to protect your phone from damage, reducing inconvenience and ensuring that you’re always in contact with the outside world.

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Investing in a High-Quality Case

While most of us do have some sort of phone case on our device, most people tend to make their choice based on looks rather than functionality. While a slimline case may look sleek and only cost a few pounds on eBay, chances are they aren’t going to do your phone any good when you drop it or somehow manage to close a door on it. 

Do your research and find the strongest, most hardy case available to you. Brands such as Otterbox, X-Doria, Lifeproof, Griffin, Ballistic, and Anker have all invested a lot of time and cash into creating some of the sturdiest, shock resistant cases available on the market, so check them out and purchase the best for your needs.

Opting for Screen Protectors

So many of us forget to fit our phones with screen protectors. This is unwise, especially considering the screen is perhaps the most sensitive and vulnerable part of your device. Glass based protectors are perhaps best and can easily be replaced when they become scratched, chipped or broken.

Taking Out Insurance

Whenever purchasing a new phone, ensure that you take out an insurance policy immediately. This means that as soon as you leave the shop, you’re completely covered. Remember to read through your contract’s policies thoroughly so that you know what you can and cannot claim for. Try to find a bundle that covers accidental damage, loss, and theft. Try to find a plan with a low excess too, to save you forking out big time if things do go wrong.

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Knowing Who to Contact for Small Repairs

While insurance is great for taking over the cost of big jobs, the excess that you have to pay may prove more expensive than the actual work for smaller repairs. In these cases, it may be better to use other independent services to get your phone back in shape. 

Find a reliable phone repair service that can fix up scratched or broken screens, unresponsive touch pads and recover lost data quickly and effectively for a low price.

Following these simple steps will save you an untold amount of hassle if you do manage to drop, lose or break your phone. What’s best? They will require a minimal amount of time, effort and investment, so you really don't have any excuse not to bother!




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  2. Good tips on protecting your phone from physical damage. But these tips won't be of much use if your lose the phone. In such cases, IMEI tracking is the only option.


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