Airtel Plans that give Free MB


Airtel offers her subscribers various data offers and bonus that could rival what other networks have got to deliver. This article covers all the Airtel plans that give free MB - Megabyte.

The Airtel Plans that give Free MB

The following Airtel Plans offers free MB to her subscribers;

1. Smart Connect
2. Smart Premier
3. Smart Trybe
4. Smart Trybe Junior

How to subscribe to the Airtel Plans that give Free MB

Airtel tariff Plans that give Free MB
  • Airtel Smart Connect
This is Airtel's default plan for new subscribers on the Network. The plan offers 100% Bonus on all your recharges for the month as Data Bonus (for the first 3 months). In addition to that, you get bonus credit that can be used for data whenever you recharge. 

For example, you get 250 for data when you recharge 100, 500 when you recharge 200, 750 when you recharge 300, 1,250 when you recharge 500 and 2,500 when you recharge 1000. 

To subscribe to the Airtel Smart Connect plan, Just buy and register a New Airtel SIM and you will be automatically subscribed to the plan. More Info? See FAQs here

  • Airtel Smart Premier
SmartPremier is a new Airtel tariff plan that allows subscribers to enjoy a flat rate of 11k/secs after making the first one minute call of the day at 40k/sec. The plan offers free MB upon all recharges depending on the amount you recharge. 

For example; Load between N100 -198 and get 5MB bonus data, get 15MB bonus data with a recharge of N200-498, 50MB bonus data with a recharge of N500 - 998 and 150MB bonus data with recharges above N1000.

To subscribe to the Airtel Smart Premier plan and start enjoying free MB, dial *318#. More Info about SmartPremier? See FAQs here 

  • Airtel Smart Trybe 

Airtel Smart Trybe tariff plan is one of the latest and unique tariff plan from Airtel Nigeria. The Smart Trybe tariff plan was created to offer the best rates on data and calls to all networks without compromising on other exciting benefits that are expected to make it unique.

To subscribe to the Airtel Smart Trybe tariff plan, dial *312#. See more info about the Airtel SmartTrybe plan  

  • Smart Trybe Junior
Smart Trybe Junior App is a learning solution for children in Primary and secondary schools. The plan offers 100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above.

To subscribe to the Airtel SmartTrybe Junior plan, dial *317#

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