Top 3 Secure Investment Opportunities In Nigeria For Those With Idle Money


Hello everyone, welcome to this exclusive article that reveals the top 3 secure investment opportunities in Nigeria available to everyone with idle money.

First, before we proceed, am not here to talk about Ponzi schemes or try to lure you into some get rich quick programs. Because you and I know how all of that usually end. Especially the likes of MMMnigeria, MMMunited, some crypto scams and the recent TCC (Trade Coin Club) that came with a bubble and quickly dipped with innocent people's investments/hard earned money.

Top 3 Secure Investment Opportunities In Nigeria For Those With Idle Money

Rather than that, am here to discuss investment opportunities that are not just profitable but requires little or no effort on your part and are fully backed by the government and other investment bodies. To see to it that your invested amount, does not go down the drain.

These investments like I said in the preceding paragraph, does not require any skills from you the investor. And doesn't need constant monitoring. It's not the stock market or cryptocurrency investment where you need to keep watch and know when to jump in and when to jump out to avoid getting burnt lols. 

This is a fix it and forget it kind of investment. Meant for those with idle money or wanting to build a saving culture while also earning good interests from the savings.

Top 3 Secure Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

1. Treasury Bill

On this list of top 3 secure investment in Nigeria which I will be giving to you today, Treasury Bill takes the number one spot. Why? Because it offers almost a zero percent risk-free condition and has the best interest rate compared to the other two. Which makes it your best shot.

Treasury bill is an investment opportunity which gives the individuals/citizen of a nation the opportunity the lend money to its government and in return, gets a huge return in the form of interest.

It usually comes bi-weekly and requires no special skill at all. The government uses the money generated for funding major projects in the country and for controlling the circulation of the fund to check inflation and the rest. You can learn more about the interest rate/percentage, durations, auctions, the minimum amount, and how to invest in Nigerian Treasury Bills here.

2. FGN Savings Bond

Federal government savings bond is the second on our list today. Next to treasury bills. It's a new form of investment introduced by the Nigerian government in other to help both large and small investors.

FGN savings bond is a bond issued by the Debt Management Office on behalf of the Nigerian government. The bond is tailored and targeted at retail investors and includes a guaranteed interest payment and repayment of the principal. 

As already stated above, its guaranteed. Meaning its secured and no skill is required. It's just a fix it and leave it kind of investment that keeps growing until you decide to its ok and quit/liquidate. FGN savings bond, unlike treasury bills, accepts as low as N5,000 and as high as N50,000,000. So you have no excuse not to invest.

3. Bank Fixed Deposit

We all know about bank fixed deposit accounts, right? Smiles!! But how many of you make use of it? Yes, the rate is quite low but, how about you fix a specific amount, and equally distribute some to treasury bills, FGN savings bond and have your investments spread out?

What majority don't know is that bank fixed deposit is usually insured meaning if anything goes wrong with the bank, you still get your money.

I term this list of investments secure because they are all low-risk investments. They won't make you millions overnight but will surely put you on the right track to leaving a life free of debt.

With that said, in my next post, I will be talking about how you can make it big with the above 3 investment opportunities using a simple trick you already know but don't know how useful it really can be.
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