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Showing posts from December, 2017

Iran blocks access to Instagram and Telegram Apps

The Iranian Government has shut down access to Instagram and Telegram apps as a way to prevent breakdown of law and order.

Chinese Electric Car Startup launches first Vehicle and it's cheap

Chinese electric car startup Nio has launched its first vehicle, the ES8 . It's an all-electric, modern SUV that's a direct competitor to Tesla's Model X and as you would expect, it costs half as much.

Blackberry plans to Kill its Apps Store

Prepare to say Goodbye to Blackberry app store. Blackberry has announced plans to kill its Apps store by December 2019. 

Meet Doro - A Socially Conscious Android App That's Reversing Mobile Development Trends

For the generations that are practically born with a smartphone in their hands, getting the hang of each new app update or phone upgrade is relatively easy. The same could be said if you got introduced to Android apps and smartphones in your prime learning and adaptation age.

Artificial Intelligence in Android Applications

Trends in the world of technology move fast, in 2016 it was all about virtual reality and in 2015 it was all about the Internet of Things. 2017 has been the year of machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence, as a number of great mobile apps have been developed specifically for Android and iOS devices.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms you can trust

It’s no longer News that the success of Bitcoin has given rise to the birth of several other coins as well as a thriving market in which to buy, trade and sell these virtual currencies. The majority of these coins were launched via an ICO or Initial Coin Offering – this will be explained as you read further.