GTBank Introduces GTCoins to Reward Customers


You might have received a notification shortly after making a successful transaction on GTBank 737 telling you the balance of your GTCoins. Then, you begin to wonder, is GTBank also launching a Coin? 

Well, GTBank is not launching a Coin but it has created GTCoins as a way to reward customers after carrying out some selected transactions on their GTBank account.

GTBank introduces GTCoins to reward Customers

What is GTCoins?

GTCoins is introduced to offer special reward to active GTBank customers.

What can I do with GTCoins

1. With GTCoins, you can get Exclusive access to giveaways, discounts and rewards. 

2. You can also use GTCoins to: 

- Buy Airtime, 

- Pay for Cable subscriptions and

- Pay for discounted items online.

I know you are now interested in spending your GTCoins but before then, let me quickly inform you on the ways you can earn GTCoins 

How to Earn GTCoins

You will earn GTCoins, when you do any of the following;

1. Use your Mastercard to Pay in stores and online.

2. Use GTBank online banking.

3. Buy Airtime.

4. Transfer funds.

5. Pay Bills using 737.

6. Set a Standing Instruction for your Child's SKS Account.

7. Fund your new or Dormant account.

Can you loose GTCoins      

Sure you can!. GTCoins can be lost when you use other Banks' ATMs. This means GTBank does not encourage her customers to use other Banks' ATMs. 

Now that you know about GTCoins, How to earn GTCoins and how to avoid loosing it, let's look at how you can spend your GTCoins or in other words - Convert GTCoins to rewards.

How to Spend your GTCoins

Whenever you buy airtime from GTBank or make a successful transaction via the GTBank 737 portal, you will usually get a notification containing your GTCoins balance. This balance can also be seen when you login to your GTBank internet banking platform

However, in order to spend your GTCoins, you will need to login to your GTBank online banking account to see the various rewards that are available to you based on your GTCoins balance.    

If you are yet to set up your GTBank internet banking account. Read the article below on setting up yours

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