lets you WIN Big Money betting on Player’s Performance

Are you also tired of the popular Sports betting odds? Or Are you a lover of Sports that wants to monetize your knowledge of Sports in a whole new way? Well, GidiGada is the platform you have been waiting for – Here’s why. allows you to bet on general Player performance in a soccer event. The Soccer players are matched against one another and assigned odds. The soccer players that earn the highest points based on the platform’s scoring system become the Winner of the bet.

GidiGada lets you win Big Money betting on Player's Performance

Breakdown of How it Works

Coaches are matched against Coaches, goalkeeper against goalkeeper, defenders against defenders and so on. Each performer or player has an odd and the result will be determined by the total points accumulated by each performer

GidiGada is a newly launched site that offers more than 1000 bets daily. You can see the details of the Rules and scoring here

GidiGada - Win Big Money betting on Player's Performance

Easy Payment options 

GidiGada gives you several means of funding your account, this includes Bank deposit, debit card and even MTN Airtime. Awesome, isn’t it?

Withdrawal is also as easy as depositing, as You can withdraw through Bank transfer and your account will be credited within 10 minutes of making your withdrawal request.

Accumulate bets to make more profits

With GidiGada you also have the flexibility of combining up to 20 bets in one slip. If you are the type that prefers to go for BIG winnings in a single stake, this option is good for you.

In conclusion, Betting on player performance makes it a lot easier for you to win big and enables you to put your soccer skills to work. Join Gidigada to get away from your daily routine and enter a world full of emotions. Click here to SignUp


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