5 Benefits of Video Marketing


As per Wyzowl, around 63% of businesses have turned to video marketing due to the benefits it provides. Business marketing is seen to be reaching new heights with the adaptation of video marketing as return on investment is off the charts.

Video marketing involves preparing short videos of 30 seconds to five minutes. While they can be longer as well, most companies keep them short since most people do not have the time to watch longer videos. These videos are mainly aimed at promoting a business but in a subtle manner. 

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Other than this, video marketing is also said to make Google happy. While there’s SEO to do that, video marketing also contributes to this cause. Google loves content that contains informative and engaging videos because it binds users and increases interaction.

5 Benefits of Video Marketing

Reports say that on an average, a user prefers to spend 88% more time on a website that contains videos than a website that contains no videos. This is a factor that has revolutionized the marketing department and a lot of businesses are loving the benefits that video marketing provides.

Here are 5 benefits of video marketing to know about:

1. Increased Sales

According to research, 64% to 85% of visitors have stated that they only buy a product or a service after seeing a video regarding the product. The video can be a demo or a detailed video explaining how to use the product.

About 71% of marketers say that video marketing has helped them bag more sales than any other form of marketing strategy. 

Adding a product video on your website can do wonders and spike conversion rates. It brings in more sales and is also great for SEO.

You can make a video and even add text to it to make sure the message is clear. See how to add text to video app to make the job easy.

2. Wins Customers Trust

As per a survey, 57% of customers say that product videos gave them the confidence to approach a business and make a purchase. This is a huge factor in the marketing world because everything revolves around trust when it comes to winning customers.

5 Benefits of Video Marketing

One reason that video marketing builds trust is that it doesn’t seem too selesy. 

3. Endless Promotion

About 76% of users have stated that they share a video if it's entertaining. If we consider marketing strategies like circulating brochures, running ads etc, they all come to an end at some point. But, a video does not. It can go viral and continue to spread for years.

According to Cisco, 80% of online traffic will be driven through videos by 2020. This is because videos are being shared on a much larger scale now, especially due to social media where it is very easy to upload and share videos. 

Another statistic reveals that around 100M hours of Facebook videos are being watched in 24 hours and the numbers is only growing. 

These numbers are enough proof that video marketing is a great way to promote your business.

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4. An Innovative Strategy

What’s the use of spending money on marketing if it bores users? Video marketing does no such thing. A lot of businesses are using videos to tell stories that attract potential sellers.

5. Increased Click Through Rate With Video Ads 

1.84% is the click-through rate of video ads. If you compare it with other marketing means, it’s the highest. 

YouTube lets you run video ads for 15 seconds. The good news is that the rate of skipping these ads is only 8% and the completion rate is 92%. This means that you have 15 seconds to drive a user to your website and you can do this by making a promising video.

The Verdict

Video marketing is a great tool that lets you reach to a large audience and increase sales.