Why SEO Is Important for eCommerce Businesses


There are countless ways to promote an eCommerce business, but search engine optimization (SEO) constantly ranks as one of the most cost-effective strategies. 

Using on- and off-page SEO, your site's rankings will increase, bringing more traffic with it. But this is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg regarding the importance of SEO for eCommerce businesses.

Why SEO is important for ecommerce business

Product Pages Require SEO for Organic Traffic

If you want to attract organic, non-paid traffic to your eCommerce business, you must optimize your product pages for search engine visibility. Most stores' product pages contain little or no unique content. 

A typical eCommerce product page contains a generic description of the product as well as an image. 

Unfortunately, this content is usually supplied by the manufacturer, meaning dozens or even hundreds of other eCommerce sites use it. And since the content isn't unique, search engines generally don't rank it high or at all in the search results.

Target Untapped Keywords

SEO also gives you the opportunity to identify and target untapped keywords. Keywords are the backbone of every successful SEO campaign. 

If you're able to rank high in the search results for high-traffic, low-competition keywords that are relevant to your products, you'll attract quality traffic that yields sales.

If you need help choosing untapped keywords for your SEO strategy, partner with an eCommerce SEO services NYC company for assistance. They'll help you choose the right keywords for your online business.

Consumers Research Products Online Before Buying

According to an infographic by Adweek, 81 percent of consumers research products online before buying them. Without a strong SEO strategy, these consumers won't find your site when researching products. Rather, they'll probably encounter a competitor's site, buying products from it instead of yours.

Instills Trust

Furthermore, SEO instills trust in your site's visitors. If a consumer is choosing between an eCommerce site that ranks at the top of the search results and another site that ranks at the bottom, he or she will probably choose the former. 

Top-ranking eCommerce sites are more trustworthy than their lower-ranking counterparts. As a result, they tend to attract more clicks and, ultimately, generate more sales.

PPC Is Becoming More Competitive

Another reason SEO is important for eCommerce businesses is that paid listings are becoming more competitive. In 2016, Google changed its search engines results pages (SERPs) layout by removing sidebar ads. 

Earlier this year, Bing did the same with its layout. With these changes in effect, there's less real estate for pay-per-click (PPC) ads, resulting in higher click costs.

Optimizing an eCommerce business for search engine visibility isn't easy. It requires hard work along with routine maintenance. 

There are companies that specialize in eCommerce SEO services NYC, however. They'll take the burden of SEO off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other elements of running your business.