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Lost UBA ATM Card? How to Block it with your Phone Fast

United Bank for Africa UBA has made it very easier to Hotlist your lost or stolen UBA Debit Card. Did you misplace your UBA Mastercard or it has been stolen? This article will enable you to block it fast.

8 Facts That Make Visual Voicemail the Next Big Thing

Introduced in 2007, by Apple, Visual Voicemail is an external interface that lists out the messages of the voice mailbox for playback by selection instead of the sequenced listening that is required when using traditional voicemail services.

How AI is Shaping Today’s Modern Businesses

67% of business executives believe that AI will help humans and machines work together to be more productive using both artificial and human technology, according to a PwC consumer intelligence report .

Top 5 Marketing Fails Made by New Shop Owners

Starting a new business and plunging into the world of shop owners is not at all an easy task and everyone who has tried their luck in their sector knows how difficult things can get, especially when talking about marketing and promoting your business. 

Marketing your app with snapchat ads

Mobile app marketers are continuously looking for new platforms to launch their mobile app marketing campaigns . This time the new kid on the block and the new focus of app marketing agencies is Snapchat ads.

Getting Your Tech Business To Boom In Modern Nigeria

For budding entrepreneurs, riding the technology wave is as worthwhile as ever, with statistics by Oxford Business Group detailing how Nigeria's ICT sector is 10% of GDP  with a rise in contributions to GDP of 34% every year.