Difficulties of Dating a Se*x Addict

You adore your new partner. You’ve been dating for a few weeks or months and then, suddenly, you see that your partner is acting quite suspicious. 

It continues until you catch him red-handed having s*ex with someone else. But it turns out that that person wasn’t any steady sugar on the side, just a casual se*x partner. 

Difficulties of Dating a Sex Addict

Well, guess you are dating a se*x addict. Of course, he may be just an unfaithful man, but you need to see the difference between unfaithfulness and s*ex addiction. 

As your further actions depend on telling them from one another. So, let’s figure out the difficulties you may face when dating a s*ex addict. And by the way, you might want to see a Family counselor if your family has got issues different from the topic here.

It Has Nothing to Do with Loving Sex

Whenever it comes to se^x addiction you wonder can a s*ex addict have a real relationship? You may think that they cannot, as s*ex is the only thing that interests them. But no. Real se^x addiction has nothing to do with the male stupidity and irresponsibility like it was shown in the movie “Shame” (2011). 

It has nothing to do with philosophical approach, as it was shown in Charlotte Gainsbourg’s portrayal of a female s*ex addict in Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” (2013). The general symptom of s*ex addiction is being unable to control decision-making when it comes to s*ex. 

Sex addicts have a lot of unwanted sexual contacts. They have sex with someone, not because they want to, but because they can’t control themselves. 

So, yes, sex addicts can have relationships. You may even be married to a sex addict. But it is possible only when you know that your partner is a sex addict and he acknowledges being one so you can put him in a rehab. 

Things are way more complicated when you don’t know for sure whether your partner is a sex addict. In order to help you with figuring it out, we’ve collected the signs of a sex addict.

Signs of a Sex Addict

1. They Are Fooling Around You

If your partner doesn’t acknowledge that he is a sex addict, he would try hiding from you all of his unnumbered sexual encounters. You may not catch him red-handed, but you are most likely feel that he is not absolutely honest with you.

2. They Are Masturbating All The Time

Come on! You’ve been making love all night, and in the morning you are catching him jerking off to p*orn? He should have been tired if not exhausted, but here he is, masturbating again. It has nothing to do with you not turning him on. It’s just that he’s a sex addict. And there’s nothing you can do, except forcing him to seek help.

3. They Never Leave Their Phones Out Of Sight

They won’t let you use their smartphones and they are always logging off their computers. When your partner starts cheating on you, he may start acting like that, which makes you suspicious. But here the logging off exists from the very start. He’s hiding all the p*orn sites and dating apps for casual sex that he has been to. 

4. What Can You Do?

First of all, you need to confront your partner about his or her sex addiction. You need to say that you understand him or her. And you need to ask your partner to let you help him or her. If your partner acknowledges that he or she is a sex addict and loves you, he or she would agree to seek professional help in order to overcome the addiction.


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