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What makes an hard drive become unallocated?

There are lots of disk problems that will cause damage to the disk partition layout and disk data. For instance, a hard disk drive may become unknown (unallocated, not initialized, RAW, and Offline) suddenly. 

How to Encrypt Your Messengers

We all sometimes have to send this or that secret information by emails or text messages. Well, perhaps it’s not a secret one, but the one that is definitely not meant for the eyes of others. The most reliable way to protect it is encryption.

MultCloud- Move Files from OneDrive to Google Drive

Usually, if you want to transfer files from one cloud storage to another, such as Google Drive to OneDrive , you first need to download from you Google Drive the files that you want to transfer and then upload them to the OneDrive account.

Migrate OS to SSD without Reinstalling with AOMEI Partition Assistant 7.5

There are various reasons why you might want to Migrate OS to SSD , this may include;

Cyber Security Tips To Protect Information Online

Every day we interact online in a lot of ways. From social media platforms like Facebook to professional networking platform like LinkedIn, a lot of our information is available online.

Create a System Image to USB with AOMEI Backupper 4.5.1 Free

A system image backup is a compressed file that contains operating system, boot sectors, custom settings and all programs installed & files saved on those partitions.

How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria Online

If you are looking for a way to register a Business name or Enterprise in Nigeria without falling into the hands of scammers that are everywhere these days, the easy alternative is to do it yourself from the comfort of your PC on the online CAC online portal.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro X608 Full Specifications and Price

Infinix Hot 6 Pro is the improved version of the Infinix Hot 6 , which is the latest release in the "Infinix Hot" series as at the time of writing this post.

Infinix Hot 6 Full Specifications and Price

Infinix Hot  6 is the proud successor of the Infinix Hot 5. The 6.0 inch HD display phone is one of the latest Android phones you can find in the market and I have got all you need to know about the phone in this article.