How to Verify BVN Details Online

It is possible to verify BVN details online without calling your Bank or going through the stress of the Banking halls.

The Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System PLC, NIBSS has made it possible for Nigerian Banks customers that have completed the compulsory BVN registration to validate BVN details.

The BVN Validation Portal by NIBSS has been created to retrieve or validate your BVN records online without stress. If your plan is to Check BVN Name, phone number, address or validate other BVN records, this post will guide you through.

Requirements for Verifying BVN details
Yes, there are some details that you will need in order to prove that you are the owner of the BVN, or better still have the right to access the information therein, you must know the BVN and your Date of Birth

Secondly, you will also need to have your ATM Card handy in order to pay the 25NGN processing fee.

If you have the requirements stated above, let's proceed to verifying your BVN details.
How to Verify BVN Details

How to Check/ Verify BVN Details

2. Enter your BVN and Date of Birth

3. Click the search button

4. Choose the convenient means of payment available to you, pay and proceed

How to Verify BVN details or records

5. Get the record

What do you think about this means of Validating BVN details, tell us your opinion via comments.  

The information in this post has NOT been created to be used for illegal intrusion into other people's data. 


  1. pls i want to change my bvn surname

    1. Hi, You will need to go to the Bank to have them do that for you. You can't do that on your own

    2. How can I get my bvn number back I lost my phone number and I'm not in Nigeria

  2. Were are we going to get the record

  3. How can I confirm the date of birth entered on my bvn

  4. How can I confirm the date of birth entered on my bvn

  5. How can I check my phone number registered to my bvn

  6. I lost my bvn number and also lost my number I used to register pls how do I get it back

  7. I lost bvn and I also lost my phone number pls how can I get it back

  8. I have paid entered my bvn portal but can't find the phone number for registration there how can you help with this

  9. Pls how can I pay with master card?

  10. Pls how can I get NIBSS to update my bvn details cause I made some corrections to the errors initially committed while registering

  11. I have paid and it says the system encountered an error and is unable to provide information

  12. Pls i forgot date of birthday in my bvn how can i get it back


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