How to Change Dstv Package Online


Are you trying to upgrade your DSTV package or you want to change from existing bouquet to an higher or lower one? This post has got you covered, you will be able to downgrade or upgrade your DSTV package without stress when you follow this simple guide.

Before you proceed with this tutorial, here are somethings you should note before you can proceed with this DSTV self service upgrade/ downgrade;

1. Wait for your Active DSTV subscription to expire before you can attempt changing it.

2. You will have to pay for the new DSTV package online.

With the understanding of the above, let's proceed!


To downgrade or upgrade your DSTV package online, follow the steps below;

1. Log on to 

2. Sign in using your Mobile number and Smart Card Number as required.
How to Change Dstv Package Online

3. After successful login to the DSTV Self Service, click the Account button > Add or Change button

4. Now you should see your current bouquet and other DSTV packages you can choose from.

5. Select the new DSTV bouquet you want to downgrade or upgrade to, and click Next.

6. You will get a Payment summary, select Pay to be redirected to the DSTV payment portal

7. Select your preferred payment platform, enter the necessary payment details to make your payment.

8. Upon successful payment, Wait for 2-3 minutes, for your decoder to start viewing.

You can use the method to:

Change your DSTV bouquet from Premium to Compact plus
Downgrade DSTV Package
Upgrade DSTV Package 

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  1. Good evening, please i want to downgrade my package from the premium but the other packages are not appearing under the CHANGE PACKAGE page... Please help. Thanks


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