How To Activate GOTV For The First Time Without Agent ID/Assistance


How to activate Gotv for the first time shouldn't be so difficult or require assistance of dealers. Learn how to do the Gotv activation for New subscribers in this article, and save yourself the extra cash and time.

Gotv allows you to activate your decoder for the first time online and via text message. Either of the options works perfectly well, but we are in the internet age so I will focus on Activating Gotv online using the gotv eazy self service.

After following the steps below; you will be able to activate your gotv decoder without an Agent and also view all the channels GOTV has got to offer, such as the indigenous Africa Magic Channels, music, news, sports, documentary TV shows like BBTitans and other channels you will love.

How to Activate Gotv via the Easy Gotv Activation Online  

After setting up your Gotv antenna, plugging the cables at the appropriate ports on the decoder and TV, you should follow these steps to activate your Gotv;

2. Select your City, Enter your Surname, IUC Number and Mobile phone number in their respective fields

3. Click "Activate New Account" button  

While you carry out the steps above, make sure your decoder is turned ON

How to Activate Gotv via SMS

To activate GoTv for the first time via SMS, send a message in the format below:


send the above (after replacing with the correct information) as a message to 4688 

How do I know if my Activation Was Successful?

It's very easy to know if your activation was successful or not, to confirm if your Gotv activation was successful, do the following;

1. click the Activation Status tab on the Dashboard

2. Enter your IUC Number

3. Click the "Check Activation Status" Button

If the status shows "Active", Congratulations your decoder is activated and viewing should commence on your decoder within few seconds.

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Now that you know how to activate your gotv decoder for the first time without an agent, let's have your feedback via comments and don't forget to share this post on your social media channels.

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  1. Hi i have this set GOTV for about 3 year now but any time I try to reset it I am always told that the surname is not match. My name are willing Adekunle Fagbohun. I want menu change to English thanks

    1. You only need to activate the decoder once, If the gotv decoder has been activated already 3 years ago, then what you need to change language is in the SETTINGS page.

    2. If you need Agent ID, you will need to enroll with Multichoice and complete the registration process. Visit the nearest Multichoice office to enroll.

  2. How do I get agent ID

    1. Hi, you don't need Agent ID to activate your new GOTV decoder, you can skip the Agent ID field and you will still be good to go.

    2. I wanted to subscribe my Gotv but it's not going

  3. How do I know my agent ID, I have been trying to activate my gotv app and it's requesting for agent id


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