How to Start Using Google Earth on Your Computer


Since time immemorial, people have been dreaming about travelling, exploring the unknown lands, and visiting remote localities. Presently, we are provided with lots of opportunities to quench our thirst for exploration and travelling. 

You can either book a ticket and see the place of your dream or see the whole world in the comfort of your home. 

How to Start Using Google Earth on Your Computer

Google made it possible for you to penetrate the remotest corners of our planet leaving your apartment. Zooming around the world, learning geography, visiting the most popular and picturesque sites are now as easy as ABC. 

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All you need to do is to download Google Earth onto your computer or any other device and start your virtual journey through our beautiful planet. 

Downloading Google Earth

To start you virtual trip around the globe, you need to download Google Earth to your computer. Still, before that you should make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements and is able to run the program without any issue. 

After that you can head to the Google Earth official website from where you can get the desired program. Once you land the Google’s website, you’ll see the “Hello, Earth” greeting and some random images from Google Maps. 

How to Start Using Google Earth on Your Computer

After that you’ll need to locate the Google Earth link that should be in the center of the page. Note that you’ll be given two options to choose from: standard Google Earth that can be downloaded for free and Google Earth Pro, the paid version featuring more advanced options. 

If you’re an ordinary user you’ll probably be OK with a free version. Still, business planners or professional marketers may be eager to take advantage of Google Earth Pro. Luckily for us, now it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on the advanced version. 

You can just visit and get both Google Earth Pro and standard Google Earth free download in no time.

If you’re aiming to install Google Earth to your desktop, make sure to select the desktop option. By doing so, you’ll be redirected to the Google Earth or Google Earth Pro for Desktop page. 

● The Google Earth for Desktop version can be used on laptops, as well. 

How to Start Using Google Earth on Your Computer

Next, locate the blue Download Google Earth that should be in the bottom right corner of the page and click on it.  

The following step is to read and accept Google Maps/Earth terms of service. Note that downloading the program implies agreeing to the terms specified in the agreement and the private policy. 

How to Start Using Google Earth on Your Computer

Once you familiarize yourself with the content of the agreement, select Agree and Download option. 

In a minute, you’ll get the installation program to your Downloads folder. Note that your browser may prompt you accept the download before it starts. 

Installing Google Earth 

As soon as the installer program is downloaded, you may proceed to install Google Earth to your computer. 

Windows users will need to open the installer file. After that, the program will connect to the required server and get the files necessary for its proper operation. Google Earth should install and launch itself automatically. 

Mac users will need to open the .dmg file downloaded from Google’s website. In a moment, a new directory containing the Google Earth app should open. Make sure to drag the icon to the Application folder. From now on, you can run the program by clicking the icon in your Application folder. 

If you’re using Ubuntu Linux operating system, you’ll need to open the Terminal first. To do it, press the combination of Cntr, Alt, and “T” simultaneously. Then, type “sudo apt-get install lsb-core” and hit Enter. Wait until the Isb-core file finishes installing and open the .deb file, the one you downloaded from Google Earth. 

In a minute or two, the new program will be installed. Then, head to your Application and go to the Internet section to locate it.

Start Using Google Earth

Now that you have Google Earth successfully installed, it’s about time to try it out. Note that when running it for the first time, you’ll be offered some tips that will help make the process of using Google Earth more productive and enjoyable.
If you have Google account, you can sign in with it. Thus, you’ll be able to save maps, view your search history, add locations, and do lots of other things. 

Dive in and start exploring Earth!