Did Google just reveal the Pixel 4 on Twitter?

Google has just leaked the Pixel 4 in a recent Tweet this week; they have beaten smartphone leakers at their own game by showing off the soon-to-be released Pixel 4's rear view and camera on its own @madebygoogle Twitter account. 

The image which shows a square-like camera module, might probably be holding multiple lenses, which will definitely be a new feature in the Pixel series. 

Did Google just reveal the Pixel 4 on Twitter?

The image looks similar to a recent leak of the Pixel 4 on the internet. (see the post below)

Meanwhile, it's also good to know that Google has also decided to improve the optics in its next flagship phone; While the Pixel 3 featured outstanding image quality, many of Google's biggest competitors are simply able to offer different photography perspectives through the use of multiple lenses.

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It's exciting to imagine what Google will do combining a new optics system with its computational photography prowess. We're surely going to have to wait until the fall to find out.