Google is giving Social networking another try with Shoelace

Despite the Google Plus shutdown for individual users, Google can't resist the urge to create another social network. 

Google's experimental Area 120 unit has developed a social network; Shoelace, that is meant to help people get together in real life. 

Google is giving Social networking another try with Shoelace

How it Works
You pick your interests, and the creators help you hook up with like-minded people for various activities, whether they're custom-created or hand-picked. If you're new to town, for instance, you could find fellow runners or a local book club.

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Importantly, you can share activities with others whether or not they have the app --Shoelace. You won't necessarily have to create a Facebook event to rope people in, then.

The platform is not available for everyone yet so Don't expect to try Shoelace for a while. It's invitation-only for now, and then only in New York City for now. Whether or not it goes public will likely depend on its early performance. If nothing else, it's a relatively fresh take for a Google-made social network -- it's trying to get you off your phone instead of keeping you hooked.