5 Practical Ideas to Increase Sales in a Competitive Market


You sell great products at reasonable prices. You handle all your business dealings with integrity. And you've tried every sales tactic in the book.

So why is it your sales performance keeps getting worse? Most likely, it isn't your sales strategy that's the problem.

The best ideas to increase sales aren't about sales tactics. They're all about care.

5 Practical Ideas to Increase Sales in a Competitive Market

Your customers probably don't know how much you care. To anyone not acquainted with your business, you're another faceless company that only thinks about money.

We will show you how to fix all that. Use these 5 low-cost methods to improve your company image and boost sales.  

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1. Showing You Care Adds Perceived Value

Let's say you sell motor oil. What makes your motor oil special?

Why should customers choose your oil over other brand-name oils? Why should they buy brand-name at all when the generic oil is half the price?

Unfortunately, many naive companies answer like a tacky infomercial:

  • "It's contaminant-free!"
  • "It's triple-refined!"
  • "It's got electrolytes!"

We do not understand if those even apply to motor oil. And neither do most of your customers. Nor do they care.

So why do they care enough to pay triple for the name-brand oil? It's because the name-brand has shown that they care first. At the very least, they make it look like they care.

Top brands are always talking about why their company/products/customers are important to them. They post helpful videos and blog content. They give back to the community.

Their (perceived) top priority is helping people, not making money. People trust companies that show they care. They feel good about buying from them.

2. Help Your Customers

"If you're good at something, never do it for free." Companies with that attitude don't care about their customers. Offering free help to your customers does wonders for building a reputation as a business that cares.

Besides your products, what else do your customers need? What can you help them with?
Start a blog with free, helpful tips related to your niche. Post how-to videos, product reviews, and other demonstrative video content. It's a great way to advertise products and improve your image.

3. Get Feedback

What do your customers want? Stop guessing and ask.

Ask your social media followers. Offer coupons for customers who take your online customer satisfaction survey.

Ask every customer to review your business on Google. These reviews give you great feedback and also improve your brand image online.

4. Give Back

What better way to show you care than to prove it? Give a percentage of proceeds to charity. Donate products to local schools.

Then, share it. Get the press involved if you can. Post it on social media.

5. Improve Job Candidate Satisfaction

This may seem strange, but it's true: your hiring practices impact your sales. The more satisfied job candidates are with your hiring process, the more respect they'll have for your company. Then, they're more likely to become customers later.

For example, here's how shortlisting drives sales when it results in candidate satisfaction. With a great shortlisting strategy in place, the hiring process is fast and easy, convenient for employers and candidates alike. 

Even candidates that don't make the cut will be satisfied to receive a quick answer. This gives them a positive opinion of your company, which they'll remember if they ever need your services.

What's best about this tip is that it costs almost nothing to implement. Also, pleasing candidates is something you should do, anyway.

Use These Ideas to Increase Sales

Care about your customers and they'll care about you. By building a credible, trustworthy reputation, your sales will improve and keep improving for years to come.

Use these 5 ideas to increase sales at your business.