Can you make money playing poker online?


Placing these two words, online and making money, will bring out the sceptics. This is because these two words often time don’t go together. 

Well, playing poker online is the game changer that has merged these two words. So, the answer to this question is yes, you can make money playing poker online. The catch here is, you have to employ specific strategies to ensure you come out top plus win the game. 

Can you make money playing poker online?

This strategies would cover, selecting the right games to play in, selecting the calibre of players to pitch your skills against, the hand of cards which you are dealt etc. now, a combination of these factors will determine how much money you will walk away with from a poker table and just how much you stand to lose also. 

Remember, poker isn’t just a game of played at the foot of lady luck, it involves skills which you can learn.

These skills are developed over a period of time. There have been great poker players who over the course of their playing days raked in thousands of dollars from the game. This is because they honed their skills and ignored the possible short run luck which not everyone has, in a game of poker. 

This quick luck might see some players making the mistake of taking the wrong move in a game and at this point lady luck turns her back. The experienced poker players deploy their strategies which are known to serious players of poker while also adding an element of unpredictability into the game to throw off other players. 

One such element is the perfect poker face which gives away nothing. This would work only in a poker game played in a brick and mortar casino though.

When it comes to playing poker online it is a different ball game entirely. This is way easier because you don’t get to see other players physically. You all might be in different locations scattered around the world. 

What links all players will be the online casino you choose and the game you choose to play. So, the easiest way to make money playing poker online is to deposit funds into your online casino account, remember to make sure the casino has online poker available. 

This funds should be as minimal as possible depending on the minimum amount allowed on that game. Grow this amount by playing in games through the deployment of known strategy, win such games, withdraw your funds.  

This simple strategy can be used at different online casino sites as the options available to poker players grows by the day. While some locations might have access to thousands of online casinos some other locations might be restricted to just a few regulated casinos. 

Make sure you check that you can play on the online casino and have access to your winnings before going ahead. This is in addition to the playing in the right games which if you are lucky, has some inexperienced or say, bad poker players. 

Bad poker players can be recognised from the bad calls they make during the game. Such bad decisions are for example, calling all the way with a bottom pair and chasing every draw, limping most of the time, betting the absolute minimum amount, showing tons of garbage hands at showdown.

These are the kind of games you should look for and join in to play. Finding these kind of players takes a bit of effort on your part so there has to be some form of consistency from your part while searching online casinos for them.

Another way by which you can make money playing poker online is by betting new casino bonus offered on a poker game. Some online casinos offer this bonus, and some don’t. the difference you might see here is the odds might not be in your favour and you could most easily lose this bonus. Remember, playing in a brick and mortar casino is entirely different from plying your skills online but the rules are still the same. 

You can still apply the strategy of depositing a small amount in exchange for chips, keep playing in poker games using it to increase your pile of chips, then cash out. Now, when in a physical casino you would easily cash out, take your money and leave. Playing online differs a bit at this point. Most online casinos state that players need to have a certain amount as their balance before they can cash out.

So, you are now aware that making money playing poker online is possible. Might not be as easy as written but following this guides would see you on your way to making some real money. All this though is dependent on your skill level and the kind of games you play in. 

If you are a novice at playing poker it is best you stick to cash games. cash games are great because the blinds are fixed. The stay that way throughout and a player has the freedom of movement in the game. Unlike playing in a poker tournament, blinds move upwards steadily so a players movements are restricted, you move you lose.

Cash games are simply the best way to getting started or getting your legs wet in the game of poker. Most cash games start at 1cent blind and to buy into the game wouldn’t be more than $2. This is a safe amount to bet as a $2 loss is easy to ignore. Also consider playing in games that have more players at the table say, 10. This is advisable because the higher number of players slows down the pace of the game and helps you learn more.

There are poker games in which the blinds are higher, e.g. live poker. The buying might be from $50-$100, with the blind set at $1 or $2. This might also be good for a beginner but remember start small, grow, cash out.