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Apple warns iPhone 5 users to update or get Offline

If you are still attached to your iPhone 5 close, you'll want to make sure it is running the latest software available - the consequences could be serious if you do not.

Why Innovating Workplaces is Essential for Businesses

Most companies seem to have adapted innovation. In 2017, 63 percent of companies were hiring chief innovation officers (CIOs). Over 90 percent of businesses also use modern technologies to support the innovation process. 

How to Define SIP Channels for Your Customers

We've come a long way from the very first phone lines constructed during the 19th century .  The change was inevitable.

The simple handicap method for finding value

Though no sports team is guaranteed a winning before the match commences, some teams have always been considered to be the favourites by punters, bookmakers, oddsmakers and all other interested parties due to the quality of athletes at their disposal, their teamwork (if it's a team sport), recent winning records, home records, and other similar variables that counts in their favour.

Shipping Solutions: Your Small Business Shipping Options

Being a small business owner can come with a lot of perks. You get to be your own boss, for one, and you can set your own hours. Even better, you're the one that gets to make the decisions and push the business in the direction you want to go. The fulfillment and joy that can come with success are unparalleled. 

5 Amazing Tools: Digital Marketing Software for Your Business

How many people visit your site on the weekends? Do you know how many visitors place items in their cart only to abandon it and shop at your competitor's page instead? How many new visitors sign up and subscribe to your services and newsletters?

Energy on the Go: 6 Benefits of Portable Solar Powered Generators

You know it's always a good idea to have a generator at home. However, you're put off by the size, the cost, and the level of maintenance that today's gas-powered generators usually require. You're looking for a better — not to mention, more portable — option.