Shipping Solutions: Your Small Business Shipping Options


Being a small business owner can come with a lot of perks. You get to be your own boss, for one, and you can set your own hours. Even better, you're the one that gets to make the decisions and push the business in the direction you want to go. The fulfillment and joy that can come with success are unparalleled. 

But before you can feel that fulfillment, there's a number of challenges you'll need to overcome. Some of them cut to the root of your business: you have a product, and you want to get it to your customer as affordably as possible. But how? Shipping is more expensive than most small business owners would prefer.

Shipping Solutions: Your Small Business Shipping Options

There are still many small business shipping options worth considering. Even (or especially) if you have limited funds, there are options that can work for both you and your customers. Read on, and we'll walk you through a few you should know about. 

What You Should Know About Shipping

There are a number of considerations you should be on top of when it comes to shipping for your small business. When it comes to finding the best deal, there is no one size fits all solution. You'll need to look at your particular needs and figure out what situation might best suit you. 

How Much Are You Shipping?

The amount that you're shipping each month will play a big part in determining what kind of shipping service will work for you. A large corporation shipping hundreds of thousands of products a month would obviously opt for a different strategy than a small business with a handful of shipments would.

A low order amount makes it much easier to go the DIY route when it comes to your shipping options. However, if you have a large volume of packages that need to go out, you might not be able to handle the workload yourself.

How Fragile Are Your Products? 

It should go without saying that the packaging that you would use to ship a t-shirt shouldn't be used to send a glass ornament. The product that you sell will inevitably have a big impact on what kind of shipping options you will have available to you.

If your product is fragile, not only will you need sturdier packaging, but you'll also need bubble wrap, air-fill, and/or crinkle paper for extra cushioning. As much as these extra expenses per package will feel costly, they'll be nothing compared to the refund a customer will ask for if a product breaks en route.

How Big Are Your Shipments?

When it comes to finding an affordable shipping option, size does matter. The dimensions of the packages you're looking to ship will have a big impact on the prices you'll end up paying. As you can probably attest to from your own experience, the larger the box, the larger the expected payment.

The same goes for weight. Heavier objects typically cost more to ship than lightweight ones. So the smaller and lighter your product is, the less you'll need to budget for your monthly shipping costs. 

If you have a large, fragile, and heavy product? You might need to allocate some more funds in the direction of shipping. But don't worry, there will still be the right shipping option for you. 

Where Are You Shipping?

Distance also plays a big part in shipping costs. If you are consistently sending things across the country, or even OUT of the country, you might be looking at a big expense.

There are certain shipping options that may be better suited for those businesses looking to ship long distances. 

Small Business Shipping Options

Now that you know what factors are in play, where can you look for the best shipping deals? There's a variety of shippers in the game, and depending on your situation, one might be able to get you a great deal.

The Postal Service

Let's start with the classic: the USPS, courtest of the American government. If you're shipping in generally low volumes, the postal service can actually be a great way to go. They have a number of services intended to help small business owners.

They also are going to be going to your customer's home regardless of whether you send something or not: this helps to keep their costs low.

How do the nation's two big shipping companies stack up? Both companies have small business programs that can help business owners save time and earn discounts as they ship.

Still, if you're shipping large packages or large quantities, things can add up fast when using either of these shippers. If you're really looking for a deal, they might not be the way to go.


When it comes to helping out small businesses, there are few places better than UniShippers. This kind of shipping company can offer you an amazing deal that you might not be able to get at the major shipping outlets.

They have strong relationships with carriers all over the country, meaning they can get packages onto trucks cheaply and efficiently. If you have higher volumes or bigger packages you need to take care of, they might be the perfect solution to your problems. 

Finding the Best Shipping for You

You want your business to soar and succeed. But first, you need to get your product in the hands of your customers. That means finding the best small business shipping options and determining which works best for you. 

The above information should set you on the right path to making that decision. 
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