The simple handicap method for finding value


Though no sports team is guaranteed a winning before the match commences, some teams have always been considered to be the favourites by punters, bookmakers, oddsmakers and all other interested parties due to the quality of athletes at their disposal, their teamwork (if it's a team sport), recent winning records, home records, and other similar variables that counts in their favour.

This is one of the most important factors considered when allocating odds. As a result, the supposedly stronger teams are given weak and unattractive odds.

In a bid to improve earnings for punters betting in favour of supposedly stronger teams and balance the bias between the two teams in terms of chances, the handicap betting was introduced into sports bet.

In soccer betting for instance, the handicap odds try to balance the playing field between two teams/players with unequal strength by giving the weaker team a virtual advantage.

How does Handicap Betting work?

As said earlier, handicap betting is all about giving a virtual advantage to a supposedly weaker team. For instance, if Barcelona FC were the strongest favourite in a tie between them and Osasuna, placing a straight win stake in favour of Barcelona might not generate much earning as they are the clear favourites. However, the expected earning can improve significantly if you give them a virtual disadvantage (Handicap) as you deem fit.

For example, if you give Barcelona a one-goal deficit (-1) handicap against the aforementioned team, for you to win that bet, Barcelona must win by at least 2-goal margin. For two-goal deficits (-2) against your team of choice, they must win by a 3-goal margin. The higher the deficit you give, the bigger the odds become in your favour.

Types of Handicap bet

Let’s take a look at some of the handicap variants available to sports punters.

  • Single Handicap

  • Just like the example given above, this occurs when two teams with perceived inequality are facing each other. As a result, the supposedly stronger team will start with the minimum of a goal deficit.

  • No Draw Handicap

  • This type of handicap is the designed to ensure that there is a guaranteed winner between the two teams. As a result, either of them starts with a +0.5 or -0.5 goal ahead. For instance, if you bet in favour of Arsenal to win against Real Madrid with a +0.5 goal surplus, you will win have won the bet if Arsenal are able to secure at least a draw since the former already has a goal advantage.

  • Asian Handicap Betting

  • This type of handicap betting comes in two forms; The single Asian handicap and The Split Asian Handicap betting.

    Assuming you picked Chelsea as a match favourite with a (-1) goal deficit, should the final score reflect two-goal margin in favour of Chelsea, you will have won. Should it reflect a goal margin, your stake will be refunded but you will have lost if the game ends as a draw or anything less than that. 

    This is how the Single Asian Handicap is implemented.
    For the Split Asian Handicap, two odds are given for the two teams. For instance, Juventus might be given a +1 and +1.5 goal surplus against PSG. If the former lost by a goal margin, parts of your stake will be refunded because that will count as a draw. The other part of your stake will be returned as winning since you will be leading by a goal margin.

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    A straight win against favourite teams has never been a lucrative option for punters. But this should not limit you any longer since you can always explore the multiple handicap options available for punters.

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