7 Great Advantages of Having Fire Retardant Curtains


Firefighters respond to a fire every 24 seconds in the U.S., according to the National Fire Protection Association.

That's a terrifying statistic, especially when a fire can become life-threatening in two minutes or less. It only takes five minutes for flames to engulf a home.

7 Great Advantages of Having Fire Retardant Curtains

This is why fire retardant curtains are growing in popularity and are so important. They hold the potential to save lives.

What Are Fire Retardant Curtains?
Permanent flame retardant curtains are often found in schools, businesses, and civic buildings. However, fire curtains are increasing in use in homes.

To be fire-resistant, the curtains are either made of fire-proof materials or treated with chemicals. 
Modern fire retardant curtains no longer have the side effects of those in the past, like skin irritants or a strange odor.

The benefits of fire curtains are many.
1. Slowing the Spread of Flames and Combustion
Fire retardant curtains have the benefit that not only are they harder to ignite during a fire, but they’re also crucial in preventing the spread of fire throughout your home. When the fire reaches the curtains, they don’t go up in a blaze of furious flames. This creates valuable seconds for evacuation. 

2. Improved Heat Insulation
During both summer and winter, flame retardant curtains can save you money. By being better insulators than traditional curtains, they trap warm air in during the winter and keep warm air out during the summer. 

3. Protection from Smoke
Fire retardant curtains are excellent for stopping and preventing smoke. This has more than one benefit. It can prevent you from being overwhelmed in the case of a house fire, and also prevent smells and smoke from entering your home via the windows.

4. Making Protected Spaces
One of the key benefits to fire retardant curtains is that they are perfect for creating protected spaces in larger rooms. They can be hung from doorways, and in larger rooms can be used to split the room up. 

5. They Give an Attractive, Bold Look
Unlike other fire prevention methods, fire tested curtains come in a vast array of colors, styles, and grades. There are enough options that you can get something that fits with your needs specifically and fits the d├ęcor of your choice. 

6. Stairways Are Protected
Installing fire retardant curtains at the top of a stairway can prevent fire and smoke from quickly overwhelming the lower level of a home. This can buy you precious seconds in making a safe evacuation. 

7. the Quality of Life Goes Up
Due to the thickness and construction of fire retardant curtains, they are highly effective at blocking out noise and sunlight. 

Protect Yourself and Your Family
Due to the many advantages of fire retardant curtains, it makes sense to protect yourself and your family with these. If a house fire does ever threaten you and those you love, your choice could make the difference between life and death.

With the benefits of making your home more insulated and attractive, in addition to their inherent safety measures, there’s little reason to not invest in fire retardant curtains. 
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