Become an Email Marketing Pro: 4 Must-Know Email Design Tips


An understanding of email design can take your email blast campaigns to new heights! Incorporate these email design tips into your next marketing campaign.

The average office worker in the U.S. receives 121 emails each day. With that many emails coming in, you know that the majority of those emails go unread and straight into the trash.

If your business is trying to run a successful marketing campaign, you need to find ways to get people to actually read your emails instead of just quickly hitting delete. That's a lot easier said than done because people value their time and don't want to waste it reading an unattractive and sloppy email.
Luckily, you can use these email design tips to improve your click-through rate and boost your sales.

4 Must-Know Email Design Tips

1. Make the Subject Line Pull People In
When someone receives an email, the first thing they see is the subject line. They'll immediately form an opinion based on what you've written as the subject and make the choice to either open the email or send it to the trash.

There are a few different approaches you can use when forming a subject line. For example, you can use urgency and say something like "ACT NOW" in order to receive a special promotion. You can also take advantage of people's curiosity by saying something like "You'll like what you find in here". 

The main goal is to make your email stand out without making it seem like it's a spam message. 

2. Use Color Wisely
Color can be a great way to emphasize parts of your email and it can also be sued to draw attention and keep people interested in what you're saying. However, too much color can be painful to look at and can also look extremely unorganized and unprofessional.

By using color sparingly, you can really benefit from the emphasis it provides without it being a distraction from your actual message.

3. Avoid Big Blocks of Text
No one wants to open an email to see a big block of text staring them down. That's the perfect way to have your email end up in the trash very, very quickly. Instead, find ways to get your message across using short and concise language.

One or two-sentence paragraphs, charts or graphs, pictures, and coupons are the best way to catch a reader's interest.

4. Utilize Videos and Pictures Correctly
As mentioned above, blocks of text should be avoided. And when using text, it's best to break up the content with engaging pictures and videos. Make sure the pictures you use are relevant and grab the attention of readers. For videos, you can talk at length about certain products or post fun, light-hearted videos to get people excited about your business.

It's important to make sure pictures and videos are sized correctly so they don't take forever to load and the fit in line with the written email content. Here's a tool you can use to resize your video.

Use These Email Design Tips for Success
Email marketing is a cost-effective way to pull in both existing and new customers. But the last thing you want to do is drive people away by sending out off-putting and downright annoying emails. By utilizing these email design tips and knowing how often to use email marketing, you can succeed in boosting your sales and building a repertoire with customers.

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