Buy Top up Worldwide on MobileRecharge App, enjoy no fees on World Top Up Day this November


Are you an Expat in Africa or you are a traveller in a foreign country? MobileRecharge app is there to fulfil your top-up and data refill needs, see more details as you read on.

Life has become a lot easier these days, as tourists/ expats can carry out their daily activities in a foreign land and still fulfil some tasks like they are in their own country. 

There are so many apps that are essential for people working or doing business in a foreign country but the list can only be complete when communication is put in check. And that’s where MobileRecharge app comes into the picture.

With MobileRecharge app, You can buy airtime and refill your data on the go with just few clicks on your phone wherever you are. All you need is to download the MobileRecharge app on your phone.

As an Expat using the MobileRecharge app, you can stay in touch with long-distance families and friends while working abroad; not only by talking on the phone but also helping them get connected with other people that matters to them.

You can also use the MobileRecharge app to send International top ups as small and fast online presents which can be used to call you abroad, send you text messages or even to activate Data options. 

The app allows you to top up your mobile instantly, and with a list of destinations that amounts to over 100 countries worldwide and 40+ in Africa, and more than 300 operators worldwide, you can use it even when you have local SIMS. This saves you the hassles of doing a top up in another language.

So, basically, MobileRecharge app is useful for:
1. Travelers in Africa  
2. Expats who now live in African countries
3. African expats working overseas in the USA, Europe or elsewhere

MobileRecharge app is available on iOS & Android devices, it is free to install and some interesting benefits of the app includes:
• No contract needed, plus all activity log is available in one's online account on 
• The top up takes less than 1 minute. 
• PayPal accepted besides Visa, MAstercard and other major cards. 
• There are 40+ African countries anyone can top up on the go using MobileRecharge app, to top up your local SIM, or send mobile top up to from a foreign country (while living abroad).
• The recharge value is the best on the international market since it was conceived as an economical app from the get go.

World Top Up Day 2019

As a way of celebrating Expats worldwide including African Expats, MobileRecharge has set aside November 10 to celebrate every Expat that has been showing support to families and friends back home. On this special day. Any top up made will not be charged a processing fee; what you pay is what the recipient receives.

Started since 5 years ago, the World Top Up Day has been proudly powered by MobileRecharge.

In previous years, the company has given out special rewards to expats that emerge winners in some of the activities of the set day. This year’s Edition promises to be even more memorable, as every top up made on the platform not only will go through without having to pay any processing fee, but it will enable an automatic donation we make to Kiva on your behalf. So basically, you contribute with zero effort on your side.

Yes! After the World Top Up Day on November 10, the proceeds will be donated to Kiva, an organisation that supports communities in need.

What a generous way to celebrate, don’t forget to download the MobileRecharge app and also save the date. You can find out more about MobileRecharge from the links below:  

1. Easy Ways to save on your Top ups

2. How to send Airtime Top up to anywhere in the world




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