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How to Send and Receive Fax from Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail?

Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs are free virtual services. You can use these services to manage your faxes. To manage faxing with these programs, you will need a third-party online service. It will help you to share your documents digitally. See these tricks to send and receive fax from Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs.

How to Sync Your iPhone With Your Mac.

Syncing your phone with your Mac was something common a few years ago. Nowadays, with fast internet speeds, streaming services, and iCloud storage. Syncing your iPhone to your Mac just isn't a necessity anymore.

Companies That Accept Bitcoins

Today Bitcoin is being accepted by some of the world’s largest companies. Retailers worldwide are now accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash as payments. For instance, the US-based Flexa is a payments start-up and it has enabled Whole Foods owned by Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom to accept Bitcoin as payment.

What are Crypto Banks?

Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital currencies that make use of encryption techniques for regulating the production of these currencies and verification of fund transfers.

5 Easy Steps to Know About How to Trade Cryptocurrency

Values of crypto coins are on the rise; in 2017 itself, the value of Bitcoin rose from under $1000 BTC to over $10,000 BTC. This led to a huge explosion in market trading which in turn ensured that the currency kept growing. Trading cryptocurrencies works in much the same way as regular market trading. 

How To Borrow Data From MTN Nigeria

Are you stuck, looking for how to borrow data from MTN network? This post is for you.

Best Whatsapp Hacker Apps (2020)

Millions of people use Whatsapp. According to statistics, they say that billions of messages are transacted every day. Meaning, millions of people from different parts of the world depend on it for sending messages, images, short video clips, and documents.

How to Keep a Schedule and Use Self Care When Working From Home

Working from home is working When you have a remote job, you might refer to it as “working from home.” Remote jobs are just that; jobs.

3 Best Facebook Messenger Hacking Apps in 2020

It’s the end of a crazy decade! In the past 10 years, trends changed, technology advanced and climate changes got real. Yahoo got replaced with Gmail and Facebook with Instagram. But some things never change. Facebook was and still one of the biggest social platforms!

Zosearch Review: A Really Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Every time you receive a call from an unknown number, many thoughts run through your mind. You begin to wonder who is calling you and the reason why.

How Can I Do Text Message Hack Using Spyic?

Alright. So, you want to hack text messages. Why? Do you want to see what your colleague is saying on the other end? Is it the kids using them too much to communicate silently? Whatever the reason is, we will help you with that.