Companies That Accept Bitcoins


Today Bitcoin is being accepted by some of the world’s largest companies. Retailers worldwide are now accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash as payments. For instance, the US-based Flexa is a payments start-up and it has enabled Whole Foods owned by Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom to accept Bitcoin as payment.

This is a ray of hope given the fact that even after a decade of its release, acceptance of the Bitcoin had been far from impressive. To tackle this issue, Flexa launched Spedn, an app, that lets cryptocurrency holders to do instant payments to merchants accepting Flexa as their payment provider. Emergence of Cashapp has also made Bitcoin payments to be acceptable to more users. You can find out how to use Cashapp in our previous post.

Companies That Accept Bitcoins

The investors have also started using automated apps like bitcoin era to trade bitcoins; visit to go through a brief review about the app. Below is a list of some of the big names in the business that are now accepting Bitcoin payments:

Microsoft: This enterprise has been accepting the Bitcoin for use since 2014 for its online Xbox stores. Because of price volatility, the company had temporarily suspended it but has restarted for Xbox.

Overstock: Leads the way in shopping with cryptocurrencies by accepting a variety of currencies, not simply Bitcoins. Overstock seems to be committed to its intention and is not doing this as a marketing gimmick. 

Namecheap buys domain names and has earned a lot of popularity in the world of cryptocurrencies as they accept Bitcoins.

Newegg is also well-known in the cryptocurrency world for buying mining hardware. This enterprise sells all kinds of computer hardware and because of their growing popularity amongst cryptocurrency users; it has begin accepting Bitcoin payments for their hardware. 

At & T is the first prime US mobile carrier company that is now offering a cryptocurrency payment option to their customers.

Burger King outlets located in Venezuela have announced partnership with a company called Cryptobuyer to accept cryptocurrency payments; so, buyers can pay Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. The German branches have started to accept Bitcoins on their mobile apps and website from September, 2019.

KFC in Canada have decided to accept Bitcoin payments for a limited period of time; this company is processing payments through BitPay.

Both Expedia and are travel booking sites that are allowing their customers to make their payments in Bitcoin; so your travel and accommodations are much easier to book now.

Gyft is a website allowing you to buy gifts for people you love and now they have started to accept Bitcoins. So, you no longer have to make payments by cash or card to order what you want to gift. is a portal for everything that is fashionable; this service has also started to accept Bitcoin payments recently.

Shopjoy refers to an Australian-based online retailer that offers novelty gifting and accepts Bitcoin payments.

Reddit, a micro blogging website like the Twitter, boasts of a dedicated fan-following and has started to take Bitcoin payments for users interested to access premium features.

Wikipedia has always been popular amongst web surfers and this online encyclopedia has begun accepting Bitcoin payments when you wish to sign up for any service or contribute to it. is another micro blogging website that accepts Bitcoins readily when users wish to access its premium features.

The Pirate Bay, a well-known torrent downloading service, also accepts Bitcoin payments as does Zynga, a popular internet gaming platform.

Interserver: Interserver is an online hosting and domain registration platform just like namecheap but their services are very much affordable and reliable.

These are the names of only a handful of enterprises that have started to take Bitcoin as payments for their products or services rendered. The list will continue to expand as more numbers of retailers realize and acknowledge the power of the Bitcoin.