How to Sync Your iPhone With Your Mac.


Syncing your phone with your Mac was something common a few years ago. Nowadays, with fast internet speeds, streaming services, and iCloud storage. Syncing your iPhone to your Mac just isn't a necessity anymore.

That said, you may still need to sync your Mac to your iPhone at one point. You got your favorite music or movies that aren’t available on all streaming platforms. Your only option is to link your iPhone physically with your Mac.

How to Sync Your iPhone With Your Mac.

In this piece, we’ll expound on how to sync your iPhone to your mac. So you can easily transfer your data from your iPhone to your Mac at your convenience.

How to Sync Your iPhone to Your Mac: The Cable Method

The most common method of syncing iPhone with Mac is through the iPhone Cable. You plug the cable on your iPhone and into your Mac. iTunes should start instantly when you plug the phone to your Mac. If iTunes doesn’t start automatically, do it yourself. 

You would think iTunes is just for transferring media. However, you can sync a lot of stuff using the iTunes App.

Here are a few syncing options for the iTunes app:
• Syncing your contacts to your Mac
• Syncing your mac calendar to your iPhone.
• Syncing iPhone messages to your Mac

Remember, just by turning on iCloud. You can sync all these automatically.  The iTunes app and iCloud are very user-friendly for syncing stuff between your iPhone and Mac.

You can check out, for easier ways and tricks to sync your iPhone contacts with your Mac.

Syncing iPhone to Mac Over WiFi

The cable can be a bit restrictive when you’re trying to move around with your phone. Fortunately, you can sync your iPhone to your Mac through a WiFi connection.

It’s almost unbelievable that Apple allowed syncing via WiFi after all the wait. There is, however, a downside to WiFi syncing. It won’t be as fast as using the standard iPhone cable.

So if you’re planning on transferring very large movie files, then brace yourself for some waiting. If you value convenience over time, then WiFi syncing is the best option for you.

Syncing over WiFi isn’t entirely cableless. If you’re syncing via WiFi for the first time, you’ll need a USB cable.

To sync over WiFi follow the following steps;-
• Connect the iPhone to the Mac Via cable
• Open iTunes and click on the phone icon
• Find the summary tab and check the sync over WiFi box then click on apply

After you’ve done all this, plug the phone out of the Mac, and you’re good to go.
Now every time your Mac and iPhone connect to the same WiFi connection, they will sync through iTunes. From now on, you don’t need a cable to sync your iPhone to your Mac.

Syncing Your iPhone With iTunes on the macOS Catalina

The macOS Catalina is a bit different from its predecessors. Unlike other Mac Operating systems, the Mac OS Catalina doesn’t have iTunes.
Instead, Apple replaced iTunes with three different apps. These apps are the Music app, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. 

If you can sync your iPhone with your Mac with iTunes, then you probably don’t have the new macOS Catalina.  

If you have macOS Catalina, then you’ll have to use the Finder app for any syncing. Here’s how you do so:-
• Click the Finder App on the dock 
• At the left of your screen, click on your iPhone under the devices tab

At this point, you’ll see plenty of options. You can back up your iPhone’s data or sync it with the Mac. You can also transfer files to either device if you want to.

How to Sync Music from iPhone to the New macOS

If you’re trying to sync music from iPhone to macOS Catalina, follow these steps.
• On the Mac Dock, click the Finder app
• Click on your iPhone under the devices tab
• Find the music tab at the right of your screen and click it
• Check the sync music onto your device box

When you’re done, you have allowed your iPhone to sync music with your Mac. You can now see your music libraries and your playlists. 

Under the options tab, you can include music videos or any voice recordings you may have. You can also automatically fill free space with songs.

Select the artists, albums, or genres you wish to sync. Then click apply. Finally, click Sync to sync your iPhone music with your Mac.

Syncing Movies Between Your iPhone and a Mac With the Catalina OS

Everyone loves movies, so when you want to transfer movies from your phone to your macOS Catalina. Here’s what to do.

1. Plug your phone to the Mac
2. Click on the Finder on the Mac dock
3. Click on the movies tab at your screen’s right
4. Check the  sync movies box
5. You’ll get a menu where you can select all movies or make your preferred choices.
6. Click on “Apply” then “sync” to allow syncing between your iPhone and your macOS Catalina.

Syncing TV Shows From Your iPhone on the New Mac Operating System

When you want to sync your TV shows, follow these steps:-

• Click the finder on the dock
• Select your device under the device tab
• Click on the TV shows tab. It will be to the right of the screen
• Check the “Sync TV Shows Onto Your Device” then check the “automatically include” box
• From the menu, you can then select what you want to sync
• On the menu, select “all shows”  or selected shows
• Click apply then sync  to synchronize your iPhone TV shows to your Mac

Syncing Your iPhone With Your Mac Should Be Easy
Hopefully, you now know how to sync your iPhone to your mac. There are a few third-party software that you could download to help you sync your iPhone. 
Remember, you should only sync your iPhone with known devices. 

Otherwise, strangers may gain access to your personal information and much more.

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