Advantages of Cross-Platform Development with React Native


As the time is passing the trends in the mobile application development industry are also changing. Earlier the native platform applications were popular but now is the trend of cross-platform app development.

So the question arises, what are cross-platform applications? Cross-platform applications are those applications that can run on any device irrespective of the platform, screen size, or anything else. 

There are many advantages to choosing cross-platform applications instead of native applications.  

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Mobile app development techniques have evolved with time and have become very much interactive and attractive. 

The companies that wish to go for cross-platform app development should pay attention while they consider a mobile app developer for hire in their office. 

Types of cross-platform Mobile app 

There are two types of applications in cross-platform mobile app development. These are:

1. Native cross-platform apps: These apps can be defined as those programs that are created with the help of programmable interfaces that are given either Android or Apple. But, the coding is generally done in a different language. This language may or may not be supported by the operating system. These apps also require the intervention of third parties.

2. Hybrid HTML 5 cross-platform apps: These are slightly different from native cross-platform apps. They lack the power of visibility to some extent because of issues related to the performance of the same. The reason behind that is the apps run on web browsers.  

The reason behind the popularity of cross-platform app development

The major reason behind the popularity and wide usage of cross-platform app development is that it saves the time of development and also contributes to developing a more robust strategy and programs for mobile app development irrespective of the operating system present. 

It also offers a huge variety of advantages taking the same effort and time as the development of any platform-specific application. 

The major question that arises in this scenario is what to choose as an ideal framework to build mobile apps that are compatible with multiple platforms. Here, React Native app development comes into play. 

Earlier, cross-app development was regarded as one of the toughest jobs to do. There were many reasons behind it including sustainability and scalability. 

Platform-specific applications are much easier to develop and were preferred more by mobile application developers. 

It suited the specific requirements. But later, this perception was able to change and with the introduction of cross-platform application development, developers were able to save much time and effort. 

What is React Native app development?

This framework was developed by Facebook in the year 2013. Through React the developers can build a user interface(UI) for the web using javascript. 

React has changed the way UI was developed, it has made the UI stylish and the idea behind it is very simple. 

The idea of React for a stylish UI is that UI is a function of data so if the data is manipulated, the UI should also reflect a change.

Benefits of Using React for Cross-platform app development:

React Native uses several blocks of UI for mobile app development. The companies that provide mobile app development services and uses React Native for developing cross-platform applications will have many benefits.

The developers are allowed to see their codes and their implementation on real mobile devices at the same time by React Native.

It is Cost-Effective: 

React Native can be used to develop cross-platform applications by a mobile app development company in a cost-effective manner. 

React Native app developers can build a cross-platform application in much less cost than other frameworks. 

More than half of the codes can be used for different platforms while developing a cross-platform application and because of it the developers have to put in fewer efforts and that reduces the development cost. 

One more factor that reduces the development cost is the time taken to develop applications for various platforms. 

Much time can be saved when cross-platform applications are developed for different platforms with the help of React Native. 

The fixing charges are also reduced as there is one code for all the platforms and once the bug is fixed in the main source code it will reflect on all the platforms and that way a lot of costs would be saved. 

One Team: 

One team of developers is enough to develop a mobile application. The React Native mobile app developers are skilled enough to handle a basic level mobile application development project. 

A single team of developers can easily develop a cross-platform application for different platforms for their clients.

Maximum Reach: 

Cross-platform applications developed with the help of react-native are attractive and very helpful.

The owners can reach a larger group of people with the cross-platform applications developed by the React Native framework. 

The interface of the application is very much user-friendly, easy and smooth transitions, the functionality is better than applications developed through other frameworks. 

The businesses that want to get an application that can efficiently promote them should opt for cross-platform app development through React Native.

Usability of code: 

This is probably the biggest advantage of React Native. It is not required for developers to write code for Android and iOS separately. 

For the same, companies have to hire mobile app developers for different purposes. Developers can write lines of code and reuse for about 70-80% of the whole program while the process of integration with other different platforms. These features result in a reduction of development time to a great extent. 

Allowance of third-party plugins: 

This is also a huge reason for the popularity of cross-platform development. React Native is flexible and gives the facility of building as well as customizing it so that it suits the specific needs of companies. 

With the help of third-party plug-ins, it can enhance the performance up to a significant extent. 


The mobile app development company in London has become an essential need for all who are dealing with the technical world. 

In conclusion, React Native can be regarded as a perfect solution when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development. 

It comes with its own set of advantages such as hot reload, code reusability and many more. 

From the perspective of a developer, it saves time by speeding up the process and boosts the performance.
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