How to secretly listen to someone’s phone surroundings


An ambient recording app could be a vital means to get hold of the truth. You could listen to the surroundings of a phone via this amazing feature. With a remote command, you can turn on the microphone of a device, and begin recording the surroundings.
You can record the conversations and the sounds taking place around the phone. This could come in handy sometimes.

How? Let’s take a look.

The Parental Perspective
Let’s talk about the perks of an ambient recording app for a parent. The parents today are wary of the rampant digital threats that lurk around every corner of the web. Having an ambient recording app at hand could prove to be rather helpful for parents whose teen is going through a different time.

Here’s how. As children grow up into teens, they have this need to be spontaneous, reckless even. This requires parents to be aware and stay watchful of their kids’ whereabouts and activities. After all, it’s the parents’ job to ensure their kids’ safety when there are so many threats to youngsters nowadays.

Let’s take a look at some of the examples. Your child has suddenly become withdrawn. He prefers to stay in his room and do this thing rather than talking to people. You find them sad, subdued, and disturbed even. Your child may be getting body shamed or harassed online. Or at school.

Your teen, who is half an adult now, might be having a tough time telling you about it, thinking that that would make him look like a baby. Bullying is heinous, and so many parents have lost their children to it. So, with an ambient recording app, you can randomly turn on the mic to hear the conversations secretly from a distance. There is no way for your kid to know that his phone’s mic is recording.

Also, there is a huge dilemma of keeping your children away from bad company. They could be indulging with a rowdy kid and get into all sorts of troubles such as shoplifting, fights, drugs, drinking, underage driving, and sex. They could be bunking school to meet up with them. Most of these apps are complete tracking solutions and come GPS location tracking. Combined with the ambient recording, you can know everything there is to know.

Ambient recording apps offer a great advantage if your child is in danger, lost, or is not responding to your text messages. Using the app to determine the location of the area could be lifesaving.

The Employer Perspective
To run a successful business, you have to ensure transparency and a keen eye on all the operations. The last couple of years have seen a lot of data leaks that have led employers to take a serious approach toward security.

Many times, it’s the presence of a mole in your office that is responsible for leaking confidential information to your rivals. The threat of corporate is very real and damaging. Since you cannot monitor everyone all the time, you need to take help from technology.

There is software for computers, CCTV cameras, and many other ways. But those employees who have direct access to valuable information of the business need to be watched closely. And for that, installing monitoring apps on company-owned devices is a good way to ensure what those employees are up to.

These apps help in knowing how much time the staff wastes using the internet and social media on the job. Employers have to make sure that none of the employees is involved in any suspicious or unethical activity. And it is legal, given that you have mentioned it in the appointment letter. Using ambient recording apps help you in knowing what the employees are talking about. You can get to know things and listen to conversations unlikely to occur in your presence.

Also, these apps work in hidden mode, so there is no indication of the mic switching on to begin recording.

Listen To Phone Surroundings with Xnspy Ambient Recording App

So, ambient recording apps are helpful. Which one should you pick? We recommend using Xnspy, an app that offers ambient recording along with tons of other features. The app comes with a plethora of basic and advanced functionalities, such as text message and calls monitoring, emails, social media activities, multimedia, instant alerts on words, contacts, and locations, GPS location tracking, web browsing history, keylogger, Wi-Fi logs, and a lot more.

Xnspy runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. It is a silent app that records the surrounding without any indication. You can listen to it later on from your mobile or laptop. You have to send a remote command to the phone you want to listen to, and it would turn on the mic and begin recording. You can record up to 30 minutes. If you want to record more, send another command.

What do you get from using Xnspy Ambient Recording App

  • Secret recording of the phone surroundings without any notification to the phone user.
  • Access to recordings from your PC, laptop, and phone via the app’s online dashboard.
  • Secret switching on of the mic.
  • Details of the audio files such as date and time. 
  • Get a 30-minute recording. And to continue, you can send another command.

Step-by-step Guide to use Xnspy Ambient Recording App 

Here are the steps to use Xnspy ambient recording app:
• Go to the official website of Xnspy and subscribe to the app.

• You are going to get an email after subscribing to the app. the email will contain activation code, download link, and login credentials to your web account from where you can access the recordings along with data of various phone activities.

• You don’t need to download the app if you want to use Xnspy on an iPhone. Just the iCloud credentials of the users. The app syncs with the cloud and transmits the data from the phone and uploads it to the web account.

• The app shall take 24-48 hours to become functional. After that, you can access the web account. The app requires this time to get data from the phone to the dashboard. You can log in to your web account and access the dashboard.

The dashboard helps you navigate through different activities.

• For efficient performance, see that you have a solid internet connection. You need to remotely activate the mic using the dashboard and listen to phone surroundings.

• Using the Xnspy dashboard app (Android) lets you send a recording command directly from your phone.

• Download the recordings from the dashboard to listen to them.


You would find plenty of ambient recording apps on the market. But no other app works as smoothly and silently as Xnspy. The app works undetectably in the background. There are no suspicious signs such as the screen lighting up or gibberish texts that might make the phone user doubtful of an activity.

Be it your kids, or employees, they need to be monitored. You just need to keep certain limitations in mind. Your monitoring of children’s phones should not continue after they come of age. As for employees, you cannot monitor them after work hours.

Using Xnspy is simple. The app is a user-friendly and affordable app with Basic Edition available at $4.99/month and Premium Edition for $7.49/month. If you want to listen to the conversation around someone’s phone surroundings, Xnspy can effectively serve the purpose.