How to Write an Insightful Research Paper?


Are you staring at the screen of the computer having no idea how to start your research paper? Every student is familiar with such a situation. It is due to the fact that research paper writing is a challenging assignment, which makes the largest part of the course grade. 

This means that you should do your best to demonstrate brilliant writing skills and an ability to conduct extensive research on the given topic. If you find it difficult to get started, keep on reading this article and follow step-by-step instructions to create a powerful paper.

How to Write an Insightful Research Paper?

Step-by-step Guide on writing a Powerful Research Paper

Pick the Right Topic

If you haven’t been assigned to write on a certain topic, then, you need to make a list of good topics and choose the right one for your research. It’s recommended to choose a more specific topic but at the same time, it mustn’t be too narrow. 

Also, remember that you’d better avoid broad topics because your paper will look more like an overview of the main idea without deepening into details. If you want to save more time, choose the topic that makes you feel passionate. Your curiosity and interest will help not to notice how much time you’ve spent. Time flies when you are busy with the things you love.

Write a Strong Thesis Statement

First, you can write a working thesis, which you may change in the process of work. The main idea is to write a powerful thesis statement, which will help the reader to understand from the first line what the purpose of your paper is. It is possible to differentiate three types of research papers. The first one is where you provide arguments for your standpoint. 

The second one contains an analysis of a topic. 
The third type of research paper is the one that explains a certain phenomenon. 

Find Relevant Sources of Information and Evaluate Them

Now, it’s high time to conduct research. When reading the materials, you’re recommended to make notes. Check if you have the latest style guide for reference. If you don’t want to have plagiarism in your paper, learn how to cite information sources in the right way. At this stage, you need to evaluate sources and include the relevant into the list of the bibliography you need to attach to the paper.

Create an Outline

You have the necessary information and now can proceed to write a research paper outline. Without creating an outline, it may be difficult to focus on. It’s your roadmap, which will help to organize your thoughts and ideas. When writing an outline, don’t forget to write headings and subheadings. Divide information into pieces and include each one under the appropriate subheading.

Write a Research Paper Draft

Some think that it’s a waste of time to write a paper draft. Believe that it isn’t. Writing a working variant of the paper is very helpful. You can change something, add new ideas and remove the thoughts that don’t add any value to your research paper. You can make it in a non-standard form. You’re free to include keywords, the list of key points, tables, drawings.  You can make corrections in your draft without any worries. Include information about the research methods you’ve applied and the findings you’ve got. 

Write an Attention Grabber for the Introductory Paragraph

The research paper shouldn’t be boring. Some have wrong associations with a research project thinking that it must be full of dry statistics. You are free to start a research paper with a provocative question, some interesting facts not everyone knows. Choose a hooking introduction by brainstorming several ideas and writing them down. Then, read each of them loud and evaluate how it sounds. 

The first line of the paper should attract the attention of the reader being intriguing. Next, you need to make it clear for the reader what the goal of your paper writing is. At the end of the introduction, you should include your thesis statement. It must be 1-2 sentences, which would reflect the main idea of the paper and your attitude to the key issue.

Write the Paragraphs of the Main Body

An outline you’ve written before is going to help you in composing up to three or four body paragraphs. However, their number can be larger depending on the topic. If you have found a lot of evidence reading which your reader won’t feel bored then why not include it in the body? 

So, you should understand that the outline is used to make the process of writing easier but this doesn’t mean you need to stick to it without changing anything. 

Craft a Powerful Conclusion

Some students think that the conclusion is just a repetition of the thoughts that have been presented earlier. In fact, you need to summarize the points paraphrasing the most significant ideas. The conclusion is the final part your reader will memorize. So, make sure you’ve included all the thoughts you wanted your reader to remember. 

The conclusion must be short, clear, and concise. You need to make it powerful for the reader to have no doubts that your opinion is the right one. 

What else can you include in the last paragraph, besides a summary of the ideas that have been already presented in the main body? One of the best ways to conclude your research paper is to tell the reader what direction you’re going to move when conducting further research. Give some useful recommendations connected to your paper findings. 

Revise Your Research Paper 

How to make sure that the paper you’ve written is perfect? Just use different kinds of software to revise it. Check grammar and correct mistakes, if there are any using grammar checkers. Also, you’re recommended to pay special attention to the results of plagiarism checkers. Make sure your paper contains only original ideas presented in a structured way.

Now, you’ve got a better understanding of how to complete a research paper of the top quality. Follow the steps listed above and success is guaranteed!