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Why Technology Detox therapy should be part of your Healthy Living Plan

We've all heard about various detox therapy. Many of you might have even tried one in the past, hoping it will help achieve your desired goals. The main purpose of every detox plan is to detoxify your body of toxic waste that we accumulate on a daily basis, which when removed will allow your body to perform better and prevent diseases.

How to remove Watermark from Videos on your Android Phone

You can remove watermark from videos right there on your Android phone with just few taps on your screen, you can also add your desired watermark to videos on your Android phone without any hassles. This post will guide you on how to add or remove watermarks on videos via your Android device.

Five of the best card games to play on your smartphone

Card games have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. Despite the huge technological changes that have affected the way we spend our leisure time, they are as popular today as they have ever been. That’s not to say that time has stood still, though.

How to Resolve CAC query Pay for Branch Address and upload receipt

One of the popular queries you might receive during your Business name registration process is the "Pay for Branch address and upload receipt".

How to Convert DVDs to Portable Devices?

As you know, playing DVDs requires special drives and players. But now more and more portable devices have appeared in our lives such as iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, iPad Pro and so on, which makes you eager to play DVD content on portable devices.