How to remove Watermark from Videos on your Android Phone


You can remove watermark from videos right there on your Android phone with just few taps on your screen, you can also add your desired watermark to videos on your Android phone without any hassles. This post will guide you on how to add or remove watermarks on videos via your Android device.

Removing watermark from Videos using Watermark Manager

There are many apps that can be used for this purpose but the easy-to-use app that I have tried is the "Remove and Add Watermark" app. You can download the app on the Playstore here, then follow the steps below to remove watermarks;

  • Install the Remove and Add Watermark App from Playstore
  • Launch the app, tap "SELECT VIDEO", and select "REMOVE WATERMARK"
  • Choose the file location, and select the video you want to remove watermark
  • Use the crop viewer on the screen to crop the watermark, then tap save at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • That's all! Wait for the few minutes for the video to be processed 
You can also watch the video to see how it works.

Do you find this helpful or know other apps that could also do this? Tell us via comments.

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