Why Technology Detox therapy should be part of your Healthy Living Plan


We've all heard about various detox therapy. Many of you might have even tried one in the past, hoping it will help achieve your desired goals. The main purpose of every detox plan is to detoxify your body of toxic waste that we accumulate on a daily basis, which when removed will allow your body to perform better and prevent diseases.

Due to various activities we get involved on daily basis, you will agree that we need to undergo various therapies at when due. While the process of mental health therapy involves getting a mental health counselor online or offline, other detox therapy approach revolves around food. You eat certain foods, and you get the benefits of detoxification you want to see. But In this article, we are examining another type of detox therapy. Apparently, one of the Detox plan, you might consider using is the technology detox.

Why Technology Detox should be part of your Healthy Living Plan

With so many of us being so connected every day, it can do us a world of good. So what's behind the technology detox? Find out as you read on.

What Is A Detox Technology?.

A detox technology, as the name suggests, is a break from all things technology. If you're like most people, you will agree with me that you spend a lot of time on your Smart Phone or other electronic gadgets.

Whatever the case may be, detox technology is an act of taking a break from...

  1. Watching TV,
  2. Looking at your smartphone, and
  3. Staring at your computer screen regardless of the important things you need to do for your career.

A detox technology allows you to take a step back and live how it was before all these technology devices came up.

Benefits Of A Detox Technology: So what are the benefits you will receive from doing this?

First, you will become less stressed. You will be amazed at how much stress you get from being so "busy" with your technology devices. If you do not have these devices to distract you for a period of time, you will discover that you have more time to sit, relax, think, and work through anything that might disturb you.

The second significant benefit is the time. Without your smartphone or TV to distract you, what would you do with all that time open? You may find you now have the time of day you can devote to things that are more productive.

Finally, you can also achieve some weight loss goals; It is true. Without your usual TV and smartphone taking your time, you may become more active. which could in turn, encourage better health. And Furthermore, most people will find they experience fewer headaches.

How to carry out a Technology Detox Today?

  • Turn on Do Not Disturb on your Mobile Phone

If you are using iPhone or Android phones running Android 8.0 OS and above, you should use the Do Not Disturb feature to stop notifications, alerts and calls from making any sound or turning on the screen when the phone is locked.

iPhone users can turn on Do Not Disturb from the settings section while Android users can activate it from the notification drawer or via settings. 

  • Download healthy apps

According to Dr. Greenfield, checking your devices activates the reward circuitory in the brain, which in turn, triggers the "pleasure hormone" also known as dopamine. And this explains why many people get addicted to their mobile devices. But in order to prevent addiction, there are certain apps that can be installed on your device to control distraction.

Some of the apps include, freedom app to block those sites that distracts you on your mobile device and PCs, Offtime (Only available on Android) which allows you to selectively block texts, calls and annoying notifications (The Do Not Disturb feature explained earlier also offers the same function). For those people that really wants to know how much time they spend on their phones, and would like to reduce it, the Moment app is what you should install.     

  • Put away your Phone during Meals

Even though you are not checking your phone, having it beside you on your table during meals can easily distract and reduce the quality of your interaction. You might not notice but your mind will be somehow looking out for your phone in case there is a new message.  

  • Read from Paper 

Many researchers have revealed that reading from a paper gives less distraction compared to reading from a tablet device where you could get distracted with an incoming email or notification from one of the installed apps.

In addition to that, some researchers have also claimed that your mind can easily process quality abstract information when you read from a paper.

  • Designate No-Tech hours

According to the Author of the Book, "The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping us Hooked", you will do yourself a lot of good when you designate a certain period of time each day that is tech-free.

  • Detox your Social media accounts

 I understand that Facebook and Instagram helps you to connect with old and new friends, as well as Families and other contacts. However, some research results on the impact of Social media on the society has shown that the more time most people spend on social media, the worst they feel.

This can be drawn from the fact that many people only display an heavily curated version of themselves on this platforms, which could end up becoming a toxic for self-esteem; some people would just see all the flashing lights and begin to see themselves as inferior. 

The solution is a social media detox; which involves identifying the kind of posts and people that makes you sad, then block or mute them so you only get the positive vibes you deserve.

You can carry out all these tips at designated times of the week and see how you can adjust for better results as soon as you see results.

Do you know any other way to enforce a technology detox? tell us via comments.

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