3 Reasons Why You should Consider Phone Therapy


Telephone therapy, also known as telephone counseling or phone therapy, involves talking to a therapist over the phone or Skype to resolve the issue of mental health, beliefs, feelings and other problems of life.

In recent time, Phone therapy has become more and more popular due to the huge growth in mobile phone telecommunications and wider access to the web.

5 Reasons Why You should Consider Phone Therapy

Telephone therapy is a great way to connect to a professional therapist at a time that fits your schedule and from your desired location. Now that you know what phone therapy is all about, let's look at the major reasons why you should consider it for yourself or loved ones especially during this trying times.

How can Telephone therapy help you?

1. Convenience
With phone therapy, you don't have to be bothered about traffic or how to create time for your session; since the therapist is at your beckon call at anytime of the day.

2. Relative Anonymity
You may need a therapist but you really don't find it comfortable doing it the traditional style of face-to-face or perhaps you don't want your employers knowing about your mental health, a phone therapy is all you need. 

Phone therapy provides a safe space for you to pour out your mind, express your deepest fears and get the help you need.

3. Relatively Affordable
Online/phone therapists don't need to consider their office costs, transport and other logistics when billing clients, this in turn makes their services very much affordable than their traditional counterparts. For example, while the traditional therapists charge between $250 - $500 per hour, the telephone therapists charge less than $100/ hour.

Online/phone therapy have most of its techniques adopted from the traditional face-to-face approaches, and above all, this mode of therapy has come to stay.

You can find therapists online for various conditions such as depression, marriage counselling, health management, anxiety and stress management