Is traditional counselling better than phone counseling?


Since phone therapy became popular, many people have been wondering if the traditional in-person therapy is more effective than the telephone therapy. Considering the various issues happening in the world right now, I took some time to evaluate both methods and discovered that the strategies and approach is the same, and the telephone method even offers some other benefits that makes it even more unique.

According to a research in an American Journal, over the phone therapy has been proven to have more better results, especially with clients suffering from depression. There are so many online therapy sites on the web that offer quality support for their clients and also maintain good connection with them.

Is traditional counselling better than phone counselling?

The therapists on most of these sites are licensed with all the necessary qualification and experience so you don't have to worry about their expertise like most people do.

Advantages of Online/ Phone therapy
Many people choose phone counseling over in-person therapy various reasons, some of the reasons include;

  1. Opportunity to get counselled within your own environment  
  2. Family and work demands
  3. Need for high level of confidentiality
  4. Anonymity 
  5. Traveling between multiple locations
Furthermore, it is not only depression cases that could be catered for, other conditions that can be handled via phone therapy includes;
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Adolescents
  • Children
  • Family 
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Grief
  • Intimacy
  • General concerns 
Phone counseling is not just convenient but highly confidential, and considering the affordability, it is definitely the best option. 

Lastly, there are certain people that are not expected to opt in for online or over the phone therapy, these includes people with suicidal thoughts in the past, and people undergoing some extremely difficult situations.

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