How to Make Money Watching BBNaija Show


The Big Brother Naija reality TV show 2020 has started again, the housemates have been revealed and fans have started background checks on their favourite housemates.

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Last year, a lot of people cashed out on their favorite BBNaija housemates on, and the Goodnews is that this year’s edition, has made it more simple for fans to make money while watching the show; with the introduction of the BBNaija marketplace. Find out more as you read on.

What’s the BBNaija Marketplace?
The BBNaija marketplace is a feature on the platform where you see the current shares of each housemates on the BBNaija show; the initial starting price of all contestants is 100 Naira and it’s increasing every minute.
how to make money watching bbnaija show 2020

In the BBNaija marketplace, you can also buy and sell your BBNaija shares for example if you have analysed the show and wish to buy a new housemate shares  or sell existing shares of another housemate, you can easily do that on the BBNaija Marketplace section.  

How do I get started?
Step 1: Sign up for a free account on

Step 2: Deposit some cash minimum of 500 Naira

Step 3: Visit the BBNaija marketplace here:
How to make money watching BBNaija Show 2020

You can only trade the BBNaija shares on the website after you sign up. Remember, the share value is increasing and the quantity is reducing, buy now so you can gain enormous profit as the show gets hot.

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