How to Find Good Employees Who Want to Grow With Your Company


Good employees are fantastic, but good employees who commit long-term are even better. Learn how to find good employees who stay and grow with the company.
How to Find Good Employees Who Want to Grow With Your Company

Did you know that employees are more important than customers? If you need help finding hardworking workers, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find good employees for your business. This way, you can streamline your hiring process and find top candidates.
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Streamline Your Hiring Protocol
Invest time in your recruiting process for your organization. You’ll want to create a system that is easy to repeat. Record what works well for your organization during the hiring process. Invite supervisors into the process and ask them to share their thoughts.

Learn more about the importance of the recruiting process.

What Do Candidates Want?

Candidates today aren’t looking to fill out or read a long job posting. Don’t make the application longer than 10 minutes. You’ll miss out on a lot of qualified candidates.

Top candidates can get processed to the next round.

Send Out Surveys to Current Employees

You’ll want to use employee engagement surveys so you can understand the work culture better.

Consider working with a third-party provider who will gather anonymous feedback. Employees share their honest thoughts instead of feeling nervous about getting in trouble.

Create a Catchy Description
Make sure the work outline doesn't only include job responsibilities. Give a glimpse of your company and hint at what the candidate can expect in their role.

Try to avoid using cliches or buzzwords. Provide a detailed account of the primary responsibilities. Make it clear which ones are the most critical tasks.

Use an unambiguous job title and share the salary range. Top-quality candidates will know the salary they’re looking for, so share the salary.

Keep the job description under 1000 words long. Share your company’s mission and goals. The interested candidate will see that there’s room for growth.

Work Hard to Create a Vibrant Workplace Culture
You’ll want to cultivate a workplace that qualified candidates want to be part of and join. Does your business have a reputation for top employee satisfaction? You will find it easier to recruit good workers.

To achieve a healthy workplace culture, make sure you offer paid time off. Include a benefits package, and top technology for employees to use.

Keep your office modern and clean. Provide workplace amenities like coffee, healthy snacks, and spots to relax.

Consider Connecting With Local Universities
Universities and colleges will host career fairs. Partners can set up booths and share about their companies to interested students.

Contact colleges and universities near your business and build a partnership. This way, you can connect with the top graduating students.

Some colleges will advertise job opportunities or companies on their website or newspaper.

Get Referrals From Your Network
Current employees are a great place to start when looking for referrals. Ask them if they have any former colleagues, friends, or acquaintances that you could meet.
Existing employees know your business well. Your team can consider who might be suitable for the new job. These referrals will also boost retention rates and morale within the company.

Consider tapping into your customer database. Customers tend to be familiar and passionate about your business.

Make Sure You Review Resumes Often
Thousands of people will post their resumes on Indeed every day. You can find a new prospect to begin working for your organization.

Set up a system to get alerted for job seekers matching your business criteria. Each day, take the time to review any new resumes. Once you find qualified professionals, invite them in for an interview.

Promote Existing Employees
Find top candidates outside of your business, but also consider your current employees. Is there anyone who’s working hard for a promotion or might enjoy a change? See if anyone fits well with your new role.

The benefits of hiring within are you know the individual's experience and strengths.

The other positive is the employee already knows your company well. You won’t have to spend as much time training them.

When you hire within, you'll also boost employee retention. Otherwise, employees could begin to look for promotions outside of their company.

Browse Through Social Media
You can get the word out about a new position by sharing the job posting on your social media accounts. Ask that people share the job posting with their network. The more people who share the post, the larger your audience will be.

Make sure you also promote your work culture. You can share a video or photo that provides some insight into your company. Sharing media like that will help generate interest in the company and role.

Don’t forget to include your contact information like an email address. This way, interested candidates can reach out right away if they have questions.

Make sure you’re ready and available to answer any questions people have about the job.

Spend Time and Celebrate Your Team
Perks and bonuses are great ways to boost morale in your business. Employees like to get recognized for their hard work and will feel appreciated.

Employee recognition is essential for keeping your good workers. Celebrate a professional or personal milestone. Provide a luncheon for the entire team, or gift the employee a meal for their family or friends.

Now You Know How to Find Good Employees

We hope this guide about finding good employees was helpful. Take the time to streamline your hiring process. Now that you know how to find good employees ask for referrals from your network. You should also consider hiring or promoting within your business.

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