5 ways that AI is already improving the Customer Experience


 “AI today can perform thought-making activities, simulate human mimicking and acting, 

comprehend large sets of structured or unstructured data, and perform numerous tasks 

assigned by humans.” – Inside Big Data.

Accenture reported that artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially improve corporate profitability by a standard of 38% by 2035, where advancements in the customer experience could be achieved through AI.

An AI customer's experience uses technology and ML to deliver a smartly informed and enhanced user experience at every touchpoint. Based on the research, 80% of customers say they’re more likely to purchase from brands that provide a customized experience. 

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AI provides technology and cutting-edge insights to assist you in creating that reality for your users. In a hyper-connected society, AI is a CX game-changer. Enterprises are using AI to improve customer experience. In addition, it offers a seamless experience to users with an experience that feels personalized. 

Why AI is important for Business?

Artificial intelligence's biggest impact is changing the customer experience by making it automated, fast, and hassle-free. In addition to that, AI can support three important business needs: gaining insight through data analysis, automating business processes, and engaging with customers and employees.

However, artificial intelligence directly makes the customer experience better and more personalized. Because excellent customer experience is achieved when a business recognizes a user and serves them with respect, regard, and thought through their one-of-a-kind customer journey. 

The efficiency of AI-based customer journey analytics is that it can filter through a completely bigger and increasingly complex information space and, along these lines, indicate many more business opportunities, ones you didn’t understand you should look for. So, businesses can invest by funding the energy organizing these insights, fighting to beat ceaselessly at the essential information.

How does AI improve Customer Experience?


AI is based on technology that helps assemble a more personalized customer experience that feels surprisingly “human.” Unfortunately, 63% of users who used AI-driven such as chatbots didn’t realize they were using AI- HubSpot. 

AI can improve CX in many ways, including streamlining the processes and enhancing automated support to simplify everyday tasks. 

Based on Gartner, 58% of buyers will use AI to save time, and 56% said they’d use it to save money. So, the more time they save, the more likely they will buy a product and the more money they save. So, ultimately, their chances of buying the same product increase.

  • Enterprise benefits utilizing AI:
  • Generate better business Insights 
  • Help make Smart Decisions 
  • Saving Time and Money 
  • Improving Customer Experience 
  • AI Technology Enhances Productivity 
  • Reducing Errors

How AI CX Works and what are the benefits of AI?

“According to Microsoft, by 2025, 95% of all customer interactions will be through channels supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology”. Since 2018, the utilization of AI among enterprise businesses has risen by 270%, to the point that most customers handle most of their interactions with an online business without communicating with people. 

Serviceops is another example of an AI-enhanced CX technology that can help you derive new and more relevant leads for your business. 

AI-driven helpdesk can also help your customer service staff operate daily support requests and present time-saving features such as eliminating the need to answer the same questions repeatedly, systems that store common questions and responses, and more.

Here are the 5 ways that AI is improving the Customer Experience.

1. Hyper-personalization of Service 

While breaking the customer segments, you cannot only identify new customers but also hyper-personalize your interactions and customer service for potential customers. 

AI helps marketers create personalized experiences with customer-tailored promotions and the most relevant message delivered at the right time to the customer’s preferred device (mobile, social, email, and more). 

Based on the study, AI can raise customer personalization and accuracy. 

2. Improve Lead Generation 

Chatbots are designed with AI, so when customers want to buy, it’s essential to make the process pain-free. For an instant, use preprogrammed questions to qualify leads before moving them onto a sales agent. 

For lead generation, chatbots can start conversations with buyers based on their browsing history to assist the sale and even upsell post-purchase. 

3. Data Mining Through Artificial Intelligence 

AI analyzes the data and extracts customer behavioral patterns from that. This data helps create customer personas, match customers to products they are likely to buy, and display relevant information to users. And that’s noteworthy because the better you know about your customers, the better you can offer their experience. 

Some of the data points an AI algorithm can track include:

  • Previous customer communications 
  • On-site interactions 
  • Psychographic factors
  • Geo-specific events 
  • Purchasing behaviors 
  • Referral sources 


4. Predictive Modelling with AI 

Utilizing AI to help you forecast results is a key data source businesses need. To know when the market dives or an asset’s value goes up in the financial sector, for example, or – for most businesses – what’s causing customer churn.  

By building models from those datasets, AI can process large portions of data in real-time, analyze historical data, and sort through customer behavior patterns. 

To recognize those touchpoints can decide the most optimized moment for a better engagement at the right time and with the right set of users. 

Predictive modeling with AI is key but can become a major problem when data sources get too big to good track and transmit. This is where AI comes to the field for performance. 

5. Streamline Workflows 

AI will help initiate conversations at selected touchpoints on your website, supplying people with the right data to commonly asked questions or offering assistance during the purchasing or application. It is excellent for solving ordinary customer queries. 

AI-based tools allow your customer support team to focus on more complex tasks while saving time from monotonous work. Here the beneficial interactions, customer journey, interactive messaging, and one-to-one engagement through AI give you the power to effectively connect with your customers.

AI can be the lost link between your customers and your business that helps customer experience evolve to an increasing level of sophistication. So, the customer journey becomes more diverse and spread across different devices.

Create memorable Customer Experiences with AI

AI is the solution to enhance the customer experience at every step of the buyer’s journey. With artificial intelligence ability, the business helps you comprehend who your customers are. In addition to that, it will help you know what they like and dislike and how they buy products; it offers endless ways to improve CX for your business. 

For the most significant benefits of AI improving customer experience, businesses should look at setting the complete scope of smart technologies - including natural language processing, machine learning, and more into their processes.