Elon Musk confirms he will be stepping down as Twitter CEO


Elon Musk reiterated his desire to step down as Twitter's CEO, which he first announced more than a month ago. The significant distinction is that he can now claim that the choice was made as a consequence of a Twitter vote.


"As soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job, I'll step down as CEO!" In a tweet on Tuesday, Musk. "After that, I'll merely be in charge of the servers and software teams."

The remark was a response to a survey Musk posted on Twitter earlier this week asking if he should stand down as the company's CEO. A total of 17.5 million ballots were cast, and 57.5% of them resulted in a yes vote.

This week, Musk has also mentioned the difficulty of both the job itself and finding the appropriate candidate on multiple occasions in his tweets.

Musk may appear to be bowing out in accordance with the will of the people, but in reality, this was always his intention. Back in November, when he informed a Delaware court that he intended to cut back on his time at Twitter and eventually choose a new CEO, the billionaire made clear his plan to step down. After that, he tweeted to confirm it, stating, "I will continue to operate Twitter until it is in a strong place, which will take some time."

By emphasizing that his position at Twitter was merely temporary, Musk had chosen the position to defend his over $50 billion 2018 Tesla remuneration deal.

The precise timing of Musk's possible resignation is still unknown, but it appears that he will continue to prod Twitter with misguided updates and server tampering. It's now just a matter of waiting to see which unfortunate person will take over Musk's mess and inevitably end up being blamed for all the issues he caused.

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