Elon Musk may step down as Twitter CEO


By conducting a Twitter poll asking users if he should leave his position as the company's CEO, Elon Musk is once again seeking to delegate responsibility to the general public. It seems that the mark of a brilliant businessman is to delegate critical company decisions to an internet survey.


Should I resign as Twitter's CEO? Musk posed the question in a Sunday night tweet. "I will follow this poll's findings,"

The voting has been concluded as of this writing, with 57.5 percent supporting the removal of Musk as twitter CEO.

Musk might be surprised by his lack of popularity, but he shouldn't be. The millionaire was loudly booed last week when he took the stage at comedian Dave Chappelle's San Francisco gig in front of hundreds of people. Of course, he wasn't bothered by this.

Musk's Twitter poll may be a spectacle that satisfies his insatiable appetite for drama, but it has no real purpose. Musk has already stated that he does not expect to serve as Twitter's CEO indefinitely and that he intends to abdicate the position to a scapegoat charged with fixing his mistakes. Additionally, there is no indication of a deadline in the poll.

Musk may pull the trigger whenever it suits him while saying he is humbly carrying out the wishes of the people since Twitter users have voted for him to quit. Musk can cling on for however long he likes before resigning as Twitter's beloved king and making the ultimate sacrifice for a better purpose if he feels moved to do so.

But he will be out in either case. Therefore, this poll may be the finest thing Musk has ever done for Twitter from a purely utilitarian perspective.

This is not the first time Musk has let a Twitter poll determine his business strategy. After conducting a poll allowing Twitter users to make a decision, the CEO decided to lift Donald Trump's suspension in November.

Musk also conducted a poll last week, asking people if they thought he should allow journalists whose accounts he had suspended to resume posting, claiming that they had doxxed him, which is unsupported by the evidence. 

Despite the fact that the bans were lifted by the majority of voters, Musk nevertheless conducted a second poll in the hopes of getting a different result. This made it possible for him to maintain the prohibitions for at least one more day while the election was taking place, after which he could lift them and appear to be acting in accordance with popular demand.

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