In Miami, Uber Eats now offers robotic delivery


Today, the maker of robots for sidewalk delivery, Cartken, and Uber announced their collaboration. In other locations, Uber Eats has already implemented sidewalk robot delivery. It has partnerships with Serve Robotics in West Hollywood and Motional, an autonomous vehicle business in Santa Monica, both located in California. The Uber Eats pilot has now been transported to Miami by Cartken's robot fleet.

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Miami is known for its nightlife, but if a pretty little robot delivers your Uber Eats, you might be tempted to order in.

At the moment, Cartken provides delivery service to the campuses of Ohio State University and the University of Arizona as well as Miami's Brickell district and pedestrian strip named Downtown Dadeland. In 2023, Cartken will broaden delivery service through the Uber Eats network to include more cities in addition to Miami-Dade County. If a robot is delivering your order, the Uber Eats app will let you know.

You may follow the progress of the vehicle unlocking process using the app.

Credit: Uber

Automated deliveries have a lot to offer, besides the amusing image of a robot the size of a Radio Flyer wagon wandering along the pavement. Together, we have the chance to lessen traffic congestion, support neighborhood businesses in expanding delivery capacity, and provide fast, convenient, and emission-free service to customers.

Automated deliveries have a lot to offer, besides the amusing image of a robot the size of a Radio Flyer wagon wandering along the pavement. 

Christian Bersch, co-founder and CEO of Cartken, said, "Together, we have the possibility to alleviate traffic congestion, assist local merchants in increasing delivery capacity, and bring consumers fast, convenient, and emission-free deliveries.

According to the company's website, Cartken's robots have numerous sensors and cameras built into them to prevent collisions and "select routes which have the fewest hazards." These vehicles should be able to handle traffic more effectively than this one in California, which became slightly disoriented when crossing an intersection.

As at the time of writing this post, there has been updates from some twitter users that the robotic delivery by Uber eats has also been rolled out in Southern California and Los Angeles.

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