Android phones will be able to text offline with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Satellite.


Apple released Emergency SOS last year, enabling the iPhone 14 to connect to satellites and send texts in an emergency. For Android phones, Qualcomm has now announced its own satellite messaging functionality. It is known as Snapdragon Satellite, and it enables gadgets outfitted with the X70 modems from the business to connect to satellites in order to relay messages when there isn't a cellular signal.


The function is the result of a collaboration with renowned satellite phone manufacturer Iridium, and it should start appearing on phones in the second half of 2023. In both emergency and non-emergency situations, Android phones with the X70 modem and Qualcomm's SOC will be able to connect to the Iridium satellite network thanks to the cooperation.

Like a lot of Qualcomm's technology, the specifics of how these features will function and seem will be mainly decided by the various phone manufacturers. Device manufacturers will have a lot of freedom in how they implement satellite messaging, especially for texts sent between individuals. However, Qualcomm provided an early look at the technology at CES, which gave us a very good idea of what to expect in terms of functionality, even though we don't know precisely how it will look when it comes.

You must be outside with a clear sky view in order to use satellite messaging, just like with Apple's Emergency SOS. When activated, an on-screen message will provide instructions on how to point your smartphone to a satellite in order to establish a connection.

According to reports from demonstration attended by Engadget staff, It just took a few seconds to bring the phone into position when Qualcomm representatives showed how to connect to satellites. They also asserted that connecting in a real off-grid setting ought to be almost as easy.

Based on the report from the staff, The demonstration devices could send text messages to a pre-set whitelist of contacts after they were linked to a satellite. According to Qualcomm, that feature will continue to be used to prevent spam SMS from clogging up satellite networks. The business did point out that OEMs could alter the messaging to resemble a conventional messaging app rather than the demo UI we saw.

Although, there's no exact date for the release of android devices that would be powered by this technology yet, but For the time being, Samsung states that it anticipates "several" OEMs to release satellite-ready smartphones beginning in the second half of 2023. However, it does not imply that all Android phones equipped with an X70 modem and Qualcomm SOC would have access to the functionalities. This, according to Qualcomm, is due to the lack of hardware supporting Snapdragon Satellite connectivity in X70-equipped phones that debut before the second half of the year.

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